Yume Y11 Electric Scooter Review ($200 OFF)

Finding an affordable electric scooter that offers great durability and can be the perfect off-road scooter can be difficult. In this YUME Y11 review, we’ll discuss everything about the Y11 scooter.

Let us help you by informing you of some of the key features of the YUME Y11 electric scooter. YUME Y11 is your perfect partner for the off-road experience. Read the YUME Y11 electric scooter Review to learn more exciting details. However, let’s first look at the specifications of this electric scooter.

Yume Y11 Electric Scooter


  • Motor: 3000-watt dual motor = 6000 watt
  • Battery: 33.6Ah, 60V Panasonic 21700
  • Top speed: up to 50 miles per hour
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Tires: 11 inches of off-road tires
  • Weight: 105lbs
  • Load: 330lbs
  • Brake: hydraulic rear and front brake
  • Material: aluminum/ferroalloy
  • Light: turn the light and 2 pcs angle light
  • Key: voltage key
  • Chargers: 2 60VA chargers
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Is YUME Y11 a good fit for you?

YUME Y11 electric scooter offers dual motors and a range of 50 miles; if that is something you are looking for, then this electric scooter is for you.

Also, you get 11 inches of off-road tires that allow you to take this bad off the road to any terrain, and the experience will be phenomenal.

The problem with YUME Y11 is that it weighs 48 kg, which means you can’t carry it around casually and won’t be able to carry it up the stairs.

For that particular requirement, many other electric scooters weigh less and offer a good speed. So when choosing YUME Y11, you need to consider your requirement and see if it meets your requirements exactly how you want!

How big is the battery?

The YUME Y11 comes with a powerful Panasonic 21700 lithium battery. It works wonderfully well in supporting dual motors as it demands more power, and the batteries can deliver the said power and make the ride extremely enjoyable.

How big are the tires?

The YUME Y11 has 11 inches of off-road tires, allowing an amazing off-the-road and on-road experience. This means that you can take this bad boy on or off the road and enjoy the experience of having the perfect ride along with the perfect riding experience.

This YUME Y11, with its massive tires, can ride any terrain easily, no matter if the terrain is sandy or dirt; the electric scooter can handle itself well and makes no trouble while going through bumpy terrain.

How good is the suspension?

The suspension on the front and the rear end are epic. The suspension is hydraulic, the rear end has shock absorption, and the front end is dual spring shock absorption; it handles all kinds of terrains and bumps in the road with a lot of ease and comfort.

Also, the tires play a massive role in not letting your jiffy around as you hit a bumpy patch in your terrain. It is an amazing off-road experience with this electric scooter, and if you intend to take it on the road, the electric scooter gives the best bump-free ride ever.

How big is the deck?

The large deck has an anti-slip tight grip tape that ensures your feet don’t slip around during a bumpy ride. The deck size is wide enough to allow you to place your feet comfortably and rest them as you, please.

The deck has underneath lights that can light up and make you stand out in a crowd. If you are looking for a flashy ride that helps you stand out, this can be your perfect partner.

Frame and materials

The YUME Y11 doesn’t weigh 105 lbs for no reason; it is made with aluminum and ferroalloy, which makes it extremely durable. The materials used in the construction ensure that you have the sturdiest electric scooter in this price range.

Its handlebars and deck are made with aluminum material, making it sturdy and hefty; you can have all the off-road fun with it knowing that it won’t fall apart due to low-quality materials. This is an excellent thing about the Yumeway team. They know how to use the best materials to make their electric scooters.

Handlebars and LED display

An LED display is a must-have on any electric scooter, as you want to monitor the speed, gear engaged, and battery level while riding it.

Also, the handlebars are of the highest quality material and surprise the users as they offer a complete wobble-free riding experience.

Again, it stands out in the market saturated with electric scooters that wobble on every bump and at high speed. Yumeway knows how to tackle these issues, and that’s why YUME Y11 stands out in its performance.

How good are the lights?

There are 2 pcs angle rides to light up your road and rear lights to let the pedestrians and other road users know of your presence.

The deck also contains an underneath LED strip that lights up to make your ride snazzy and help you stand out. The turn signal makes it easy for the riders to convey to the other road users when they are about to turn and adds many safety features.

What type of folding mechanism does the scooter have?

The electric scooter folds in under 5 seconds which is quite impressive, and helps you to unfold it just as quickly when you want to use it. This ensures you can safely tuck it into a tiny narrow space without using much of your space.

Should You Buy Yume Y11 Electric Scooter?

A high-speed, dual-motor electric scooter in this price range with all the above features rocks your boat; then this is the best one you can have. This YUME Y11 electric scooter offers a lot to its users and has a lot of features that most of its competitors do not offer.

Hence, don’t wait up if you want to buy a flashy ride with the best speed, long range, and other exciting features. However, other models by Yumeway are available that weigh less and have similar features to offer a better range.

So if this doesn’t suit your need, you can always look at other products from the same manufacturer and get the same quality for less or slightly more. However, YUME Y11 is worth the price and offers much within this price range.

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