senada bikes review

Senada Bikes Review: All Senada Bikes Reviewed

Senada has offered a variety of e-bikes since its inception, and we can witness how the bike industry has evolved with time. People now switched to electric bikes as they have the privilege of riding without paddling, as was the …

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best electric scooter for food delivery

Best Electric Scooter For Food Delivery

Adults in the USA generally prefer independence over restrictions from their parents. Demographic stats from various sources show that a large number of teens are joining the food industry as a waiter, delivery guys, or part-time workers. While other jobs …

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yume y10 review

Yume Y10 Electric Scooter Review

Today we are looking at the most budget-friendly yet the most powerful electric scooter you can buy. Yume Y10 proves to be more than that as it’s one of the best Yumeway has given us so far. Yumeway knows how …

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yume y11 vs x11

Yume Y11 vs X11: Detailed Comparison ($100 OFF)

Yume Y11 and Yume X11 have some of the best quality features. You can expect all the fancy little details from lights to good ranges. However, in this comparison and review, we will put these two head-to-head to determine which …

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yume s10 review

Yume S10 Electric Scooter Review

YUME S10 is the perfect scooter if you’re looking to start off on your electric scooter journey. Considering the specs it comes with along with the price tag, this makes the perfect ride for anyone who wants to learn to …

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yume x7 review

Yume X7 Electric Scooter Review

The YUME X7 electric scooter does pack a punch, unlike its competitors it has many new and additional features that rank it one of the best electric scooters. Its sizes from tires to the deck are quite admirable and leave …

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yume m10 reviews

Yume M10 Electric Scooter Review

YUME M10 is loved and admired by almost every person who buys it. The company has brought a combination of both high-end features and affordable prices. The YUME M10 comes with a market-competitive set of safety and stability features. Apart …

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yume x13 review

Yume X13 Electric Scooter Review

Purchasing a perfect vehicle for traveling is a complicated task. You have to consider several features provided by the company as well as the mode of usage that you are targeting. Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular amongst …

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yume x11 review

Yume X11 Electric Scooter Review

Say goodbye to global warming as electric and solar power vehicles and two-wheelers are making their way into the market. YUME X11 is one to shine when you ride it! Quite literally, since it comes in Gold color and has …

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yume y11 review

Yume Y11 Electric Scooter Review

Finding an affordable electric scooter that offers great durability and can be the perfect off-road scooter can be difficult. In this YUME Y11 review, we’ll discuss each and everything about the Y11 scooter. Let us help you by informing you …

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yume a5 review

Yume A5 Kick Scooter Review

Yumeway is known for its electric scooters that are majorly targeted toward adults. However, with the YUME A5 launch, we now have a kick scooter for the teens as well. Again the best part about this scooter is that it …

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yume m11 review

Yume M11 Electric Scooter Review

Yume M11 electric scooter has a lot to offer. You get dual power motors and dual hydraulic brakes with 11inch off-road tires, A premium product priced at a premium range, it is totally worth it considering the power and the …

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yume d5 review

Yume D5 Electric Scooter

Yume D5 meets the criteria of a truly amazing electric scooter thanks to the Yumeway team that does such an exceptional job at researching all the new technologies and implementing them on their electric scooters. From 1200 dual motors to …

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how to make electric scooter faster

How to make electric scooter faster

How to make electric scooter faster? Electric scooters have become an easy mode of riding around town without the hassle of getting in your car or on your bike. Along with being super fun and snazzy the best part of …

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