Yume X13 Electric Scooter Review

Purchasing a perfect vehicle for traveling is a complicated task. You must consider several features the company provides and your target mode of usage.

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular amongst youngsters, so Yume X13 Scooter is now being introduced. Yume Corporation is generally ranked amongst the best scooter producers in the USA, so X13 is worth reviewing since it is the newest and new entity.

Yume X13 is growing in popularity due to various reasons. The foremost thing that most buyers like is the shock-absorbing technology complemented with high speed and durability.

The handling is easy, and safety is ensured to keep you safe and sound. The glowing lights make it look more attractive than other substitutes.

A vehicle that seems like a product designed for youngsters, but is it worth investing your hard-earned money in? This article will answer all your questions.

After reading this review, you will no longer be required to scroll through the internet wondering what the Yume X13 Scooter offers. Just sit back, relax, and scroll through the review.

Things I love about Yume X13 Electric Scooter

How good are the Shape and design?

yume x13 specs review

The design of the Yume X13 Scooter is high-end and attractive. You would feel like you are sitting on a marvelous piece of technology. The handlebar, base, stem, and wheels are designed to ensure durability and comfort.

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How good is the Handlebar?

The handlebar is 78 cm wide with a diameter of 3.18 cm. It is super comfortable for users of any height. It is unfoldable, so you must ensure your garage or the parking has enough room to accommodate it.

A stock bar is also attached to ensure that all your valuable belongings, such as mobile phones, are safe. This also makes using Google Maps easier since your mobile is placed right before you.

The controls are accessible while a display is incorporated in the middle of the handlebar (we will discuss this later in the article). It also has simple controls integrated on the left while an LED screen is installed in the center of the handlebar.

How big are the tires on the YUME X13 scooter?

The wheels are big, like any other Yume Scooter model. The diameter is 13 inches long, so you should expect it to be bigger than a random scooter. Larger tires ensure better road grip and stability. These factors are the reason why Yume X13 can climb a 35-degree slope.

Are Frame and Base good enough?

The frame is made of aluminum which is adopted from the Ohvation design. It is tough and sturdy to make sure that the durability is intact. The base or the deck has a dimension of 69 cm x 29 cm, ideal for standing on a scooter. Proper gripping is available to ensure you do not fall over.

What type of folding mechanism does the YUME X13 have?

The folding and unfolding are convenient as Yume X13 Scooter takes just 5 seconds. The dimensions when folded are 145 x 69 x 63, while the same when unfolded is 145 x 29 x 133.

Foldability is a convenient feature to make it more adjustable and accommodatable in the garage. However, the scooter weighs 64 kg, so it would be tough to pull it upstairs.

What is the Performance quality of YUME X13?

The Yume X13 Scooter has impressive performance stats where it can go as fast as 101 km/h. It is hard to believe that a bulky scooter like Yume X13 is swift enough to travel so fast. However, the rider should have an average weight (65 to 70 kg) to experience the fastest speed.

The heaviest weight that the Yume X13 Scooter can bear is 150 kg which is again impressive. This enables an average user to carry bags and other belongings while traveling.

You can use it while going on a trip to the beach or while going to school. Still, we would recommend not testing the durability by overloading the base. Other than this, it can go up a 35-degree steep surface. The total distance it can cover in one complete charging cycle is 110 km.

Is YUME X13 Powerful enough?

Apart from all secondary features, your primary need is to purchase a powerful scooter that fulfills your daily usage requirements. Yume X13 Scooter is a powerful vehicle with a dual motor and a heavy-duty battery.

Dual motor silent

As we have discussed above, the performance of the Yume X13 Scooter is quite impressive. The main reason behind its power is the dual motor with 4000 watts each.

The sum of 8000 watts allows the Yume X13 to zoom on the roads at 101 km/h and carry weight as heavy as 150 kg. Moreover, the motor is silent in operation, so you would never produce noise pollution.

How big is the battery on the YUME X13?

The Yume X13 Scooter has a 72 volts battery that provides a mileage of 110km in one complete charging cycle. This range is suitable for day-to-day usage where you can use it to travel to your school, office, or even nearby towns.

The battery has many protection features against issues such as overheating, short circuits, high voltage, overcharging, and under-voltage. Charging time is often problematic as scooters have long charging times.

Yume X13 Scooter has 12 hour charging time, so you have to charge it completely at night before using it in the morning.

However, the company has seen this coming, so the research and development team has incorporated the much-needed dual port for faster charging. When charged using dual ports, the total charging time is reduced to only 6 hours.

How good is the Controllability?

Yume X13 Scooter has a definite usage and controllability method like any other electric device. It combines orthodox physical controls and an LED screen that depicts almost everything.

Easy manual controls

The controls are installed to the left of the handlebar. It has a simple set of buttons, as expected in a scooter. You will find the ignition, a horn, an indicator control button, and a light button to control everything you need.

Is LED display best?

An LED display is incorporated in the center of the handlebar. This LED screen depicts the speed at which the Yume X13 Scooter operates. It also shows the battery life remaining along with the speed modes. Two new modes are integrated in addition to the three modes primarily used in X7.

Selecting the colored screen is an option to choose what you want. The screen is heat resistant to sustain adverse temperatures while traveling. Moreover, the water resistance is IP65 which is better than the water resistance of other components.

The Safety features I love

Safety is one of the most important aspects to consider while purchasing a vehicle. How effective would your investment be if you get hurt, or the scooter gets damaged? Subject to these safety requirements, the Yume X13 Scooter is designed to keep you safe.

Are Lights good enough at night?

Yume X13 has all the lights to cover up your safety. It has two big U7 LED lights in front. Below these LED lights, you will find the main square-shaped headlight. There are indicators integrated at the front as well as the back to ensure that you turn safely.

The acrylic board and stem have lighting to make the Yume X13 Scooter visible at night. Visibility is an important factor, especially considering the night trips where you are at the mercy of car drivers. These lights make the scooter visible from all angles to let people know you are not a pedestrian.

Are Brakes good?

The braking mechanism of the Yume X13 Scooter is exemplary. It consists of two hydraulic brakes installed in the front and the rear. Two different suspension systems are incorporated to help stop the Yume X13 in time and ensure stability throughout. The front has a hydraulic suspension, while the rear portion has a spring suspension.

This dual suspension is sufficient to stop the scooter in 4 meters ranges at the highest speed. It also works as a perfect shock absorber. Better shock absorbance means better stability and fewer risks of injuries. Even traveling at high speed and changing it midway has never been so easy.

How big is the deck on the YUME X13?

The base or deck on which the rider stands is 62 cm long and 29 cm wide. The area is sufficient for the user to stand in a stable posture. There is a gripping surface made to enhance the friction between the deck and the feet. These features make sure that you do not fall over while traveling.

Is YUME X13 Water-resistant?

Water resistance in a scooter should be sufficient to avoid the risk of electric malfunctions on a rainy evening or a wet road. The scooter should be more resilient against water than a mobile phone or a wristwatch because it has great exposure to such conditions.

Yume X13 Scooter has a water resistance of IP54, which is not as impressive as other scooters in the market. This is why you should refrain from using Yume X13 Scooter when it rains. You can seal the possible electric leakage components with adhesive tape, which is unreliable.

Is this a good electric scooter?

A good electric scooter will provide the maximum mileage with the minimal possibility of electric malfunction. Yume X13 Scooter fulfills the first criterion, where it provides a mileage of 110 km. There is no such electric malfunction vulnerability issue; however, water resistance is lower than we would have liked.

It has simple digital and manual controls installed on the accessible handlebar. The shock-absorbing technology, better lighting, and on-time brakes are among those features that make it a good electric scooter.

Who is this scooter for?

The Yume X13 Scooter is tailor-made for youngsters needing a simple vehicle for daily conveyance. Convenient accommodation and long-lasting battery life are those features that make traveling and parking fun. Besides this, your weight is not an issue as long as the total weight is below 150 kg. Yume X13 is a neat electric scooter with eye-catching lighting so that you can show it off to your friends.

What makes this Electric scooter special?

As we have already discussed, this electric scooter has many things to like. The high speed complemented by great stability is an impressive combination to have. It is safe as shock absorption and instant brakes work fine. Another thing that you would find convenient is the long battery life. Durability and heat resistance are also important to have.

Who is the YUME X13 perfect for?

The conclusion is straightforward. Yume X13 is better than other older models offered by the company. It has a clear edge over other scooter producers in the market. The price is not as high as expected from such a high-end vehicle.

It has all the technology that you would need to make your experience comfortable. The design is standard, with foldability and better lighting features. Prominent lights and effective hydraulic brakes ensure safety.

The shock-absorbing technology is efficient in keeping stability in check. Apart from this, controlling the Yume X13 is simpler and more convenient than other substitutes.

This efficient scooter is a value-adding vehicle for all those youngsters who like traveling to the nearest town. It can also be used to travel to college or the office as heavy bags can be carried.

The battery life of almost 110 km is more than sufficient for the abovementioned usage. Other than this, we would not recommend this vehicle for those users who travel to far-off places or have a weight of over 120 kg.

Water resistance can also be a problem, so you should avoid purchasing it if your state is prone to heavy rain. You should consider purchasing this device for day-to-day traveling or casual usage.

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