Yume S10 Electric Scooter Review

YUME S10 is the perfect scooter if you’re looking to start off on your electric scooter journey. Considering the specs it comes with along with the price tag, this makes the perfect ride for anyone who wants to learn to go on an electric scooter.

YUME S10 electric scooter meets all the expectations with the name Yumeway behind it. Yumeway has become an exceptional name in the electric scooter industry and delivers high-quality products at affordable prices. So now let’s look at YUME S10 to figure out is it for you?

Yume S10 Electric Scooter


  • Motor: single 1000 watt golden hub motor with sensor
  • Maximum speed: 30 miles per hour
  • Battery: lithium battery 48V21Ah
  • Range: 30 miles
  • Build material: ferroalloy and aviation aluminum
  • Tires: anti-slip 10-inch pneumatic off-road tires
  • Front suspension: double spring front suspension
  • Rear suspension: double spring rear suspension
  • Brakes: rear mechanical disc brakes and front 140mm brakes
  • Display screen: riding mode settings and other features in 100 LH smart display
  • Handlebars: 620 mm length foldable bar, 25.4 mm diameter
  • Weight: 60.5 lbs. 27.5 kg
  • Charger: single charging port, 1 standard 2A charger
  • Maximum load: 264 lbs. / 120 kgs
  • Overall size: 135 x 63 adjustable handles bar height
  • Folded size: 117 x 24 x 45
  • Lights: Front LED light, side LED light strip, Turn signal light, Horn, Brake light
  • IP rating: IP54 for the whole scooter
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What comes in the package?

  • YUME S10 electric scooter
  • The charger
  • The toolkit
  • A user manual

For an electric scooter that is under $1000, it is hard to find any model in the market that offers similar features and specifications. The YUME S10 has many extraordinary features so let’s dive in and look at them in detail.


For an electric scooter under the price range of $1000, it has an impressive maximum speed of 30 miles per hour.

In fact, if you are riding YUME S10 electric scooter on an even terrain without slowing down every few seconds, you can actually reach the top speed of 34 miles per hour.

Considering that it’s a single motor, low price electric scooter that is a good speed to expect and has the charge off you need.


Due to the fact that it comes with a single motor, it’s hard to reach the top speed and the electric scooter takes a while to get to a good speed.

And since the electric scooter has a single motor, it does take a while to reach the high speed, and you don’t get to feel the torque as you rev up the engine.

The Motor

The YUME S10 comes with a single golden hub motor with a sensor. YUME S10 electric scooter charges off to a good speed and offers a decent speed considering it only has a single motor.

The Battery

YUME S10 is equipped with a lithium battery of 21ah and offers long life. It is an 18650 high life cycle lithium battery and has an intelligent BMS system as well to monitor the health and life of the battery.

It further offers protection against under-current, short circuit, over-discharge, over receiving, temperature abnormality, and under-voltage automatic sleep.


Since the scooter has a single motor it doesn’t do too well on steep inclines and can go to a very slightly small degree. However, with the help of the speed on the electric scooter, you can get yourself some head start and climb those steep hills as well.


On a high speed and a fully charged battery, the YUME S10 is able to cover the range of 25 to 26 miles. Also, it has to be kept in mind that due to the terrain, the acceleration, and the speed setting you use the mileage you can cover be affected.

Hence it’s best to choose your settings and riding speed. However, regardless of the speed and the terrain, YUME S10 electric scooter still does offer a good range.

If you move to a lower gear setting your battery life indicator on the LCD improves, which means that if you ride the YUME S10 electric scooter at a lower gear and slower speed you may be able to get more range out of it.

Speed modes

The YUME S10 has three-speed modes and once you switch your electric scooter on, it’s very easy to choose between the modes. Both the power button and modes button are placed adjacent to each other, which means it becomes easy to switch between the modes.

The technique is simple, you need to turn your electric scooter on and then press the mode button to find the mode you want to use. As soon as you press the mode button, the speed modes on the LCD start to flicker and you can easily choose the one you want to use.

The Tires

YUME S10 comes with 10 inches of off-road tires that have enough grooves on them to provide a stable and easy ride on any terrain. However, due to the suspension, the off-road experience isn’t as smooth.

Not to the tires’ fault, the 10 inches tire handles all kinds of terrain with comfort and provides a smooth ride. You can easily take it on grassy to your regular or pedestrian roads and the electric scooter will hold its own.

The Suspension

The front and rear tires both have spring suspension. While that can be good in many cases, with YUME S10 the suspension seems a bit too soft. Hence when you switch terrains you may want to lower the speed to not feel the full impact.

This also applies to hitting the curb as you may feel the whole jump on your electric scooter as you move from the main road to the curb.

However, the electric scooter’s suspension does handle itself well on roads and grass but not so well if you move to bumpy terrain. So you may want to skip the off-road experience with YUME S10 electric scooter.

Fender bender

The back fender of the tire is made light and easy to bend when you place your foot on it. In most cases, people like to use the back fender to place their foot on the fender for a sturdier grip.

However in this case you cannot place your foot there and rest it for too long as it may end up bending the fender and hitting the tire.

Build materials

Yumeway always uses the most high-quality materials on its electric scooters; hence you get the best quality experience along with a heavyweight device.

YUME S10 electric scooter is no exception. The materials used to build YUME S10 electric scooter are ferroalloy and aviation aluminum which makes it aerodynamic and a sturdy electric scooter to take on rides.

The Brakes

The braking system used on YUME S10 is 140 mm disc brakes on both the front and rear end of the electric scooter. With such kinds of brakes, you can expect a good brake and a quick halt on the road.

However, depending upon the surface there can be a slight chance of skidding such as if the terrain is wet. The electric scooter’s braking system may have trouble with braking.


The electric scooter comes with multiple lights and puts on quite a show if you intend to stand out among your friends. There are backlights for braking, turn signal lights, and a front light to shine the light on your path.

Along with that, there is an LED light strip on the side of the electric scooter that makes an impressive appearance. Also, it’s hard not to mention the audible horn that makes it super easy to ride this electric scooter in any kind of busy area.

The Deck

The deck is wide and comfortable for feet placement and comes with an anti-slip take that can be placed in the middle of the deck to provide extra protection while going on an off-road experience.


The electric scooter YUME S10 folds in under 5 seconds and offers quite a lot of ease of carrying it around. It also folds into smaller dimensions which means you can easily place it in the boot of your car or in small spaces.

The folding dimensions are 117 x 24 x 45. Even the handlebars on the YUME S10 are foldable and thus don’t take up too much space.

Price tag

YUME S10 electric scooter with all the features mentioned above is available in the market for $799. Which is not a hefty price to pay for all the features that you are getting?

Yes, there are better models of this electric scooter out there but if you’re just starting out you may want to choose a budget-friendly option that doesn’t weigh too heavily on your pocket.

Final Words

In our opinion, YUME S10 is a perfect electric scooter for any new or beginner of electric scooter riding experience. As it is a budget-friendly and slower speed option as opposed to the more high-speed options and more expensive ones.

Once you are able to understand the aerodynamics and have steady control of your electric scooter you can easily switch to a faster and high-priced electric scooter. Until then YUME S10 electric scooter is going to be your perfect partner.

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