Yume M11 Electric Scooter Review

Yume M11 electric scooter has a lot to offer. You get dual power motors and dual hydraulic brakes with 11-inch off-road tires, A premium product priced at a premium range; it is worth it considering the power and the stealth it offers.

You can take it off-road and have a safe and fantastic ride with the help of the abs braking system that brings the scooter to a quick halt and stops any jerking. There is so much to look forward to in this scooter, so let’s look at all its features individually.

For a beginner, this scooter may be a bit too much to handle since it’s advised to get some practice sessions on a lesser-powered scooter to build your skill to ride this beast.

In this review, we have covered everything you may have been looking for. We hope you will enjoy reading our opinion on this product.

Yume M11 Electric Scooter


  • Color: Black
  • Motors: BLDC dual hub motors that are 6000 watts
  • Max speed: up to 50 miles per hour – 60V
  • Battery: 35Ah Panasonic 21700 60V
  • Range: 60 miles
  • Hill climb: 35-degree incline depending on the rider's weight, charging, etc.
  • Tires: off-road 11-inch tires
  • Brake: Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
  • Suspension: KS spring suspension front and rear
  • Lights: large dual front led lights, brake light, turn indication, horn
  • IP rating: IP 54 for the whole scooter
  • Weight: 110lbs is 50 kg
  • Charging: 6 to 8 hours
  • Maximum weight: 330lbs is 150 kgs
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Top range and speed

yume m11 top range and speed

The highest speed and full range Yume M11 electric scooter is at the top of the market. The top speed of 58 miles per hour and the 78 miles range is exceptional, and you can’t get any better.

The dual motors on this electric scooter allow for a top speed of 50 to 60 miles, which is the best that can be found on the market. We will look into the aspect of the dual-motor as we move forward in this review.

Running errands becomes much easier and quicker with the highest speed possible, and the rider has complete control of the scooter with dual motors and an excellent ABS braking system.

This electric scooter's combined features make it the best ride for going through the densest and most heavy traffic areas while remaining safe, as its safety features are also admirable.

The control panel on this scooter helps easily monitor the speed while riding again. It can take off very quickly if not ridden properly; hence it's best to use the help of the control panel to keep a check on the speed.

A high speed and tremendous range with off-road capabilities can get people excited very quickly however when riding such a high-powered electric scooter, one must ensure to wear all the necessary protective gear to prevent any electric scooter accidents.

The Motors

yume m11 motors

This electric scooter, like many others, comes with two distinctive features:

  • 6000 watt 60V, M11 35AH Acrylic light the ordinary version
  • Super bright, colorful acrylic light, 7000 watts 45AH 72V

The price variance naturally depends on the version you decide to buy.

Again a word of caution when riding this electric scooter, you may want to wear the right head and protective gear to ensure no accidents happen, as this electric scooter does come with an 11-inch motor and takes off pretty quickly. So be careful and protect yourself properly when riding Yume M11 electric scooter.

The Foldability

yume m11 foldability

Yume M11 electric scooter, as per many other models of Yumeway, folds in under 5 seconds and can be tucked away in the back of your car’s boot while traveling. The folding and unfolding lengths are mentioned below:

  • Folded: height 56 cm length 140 cm
  • Unfolded: height 125 am, length 140 cm

It barely occupies any space and can be easily placed in small, narrow spaces per the abovementioned dimensions.

Want to carry it around on the subway and other public transportation? No problem, as it comes with a bag you can place and carry around easily. Carrying it around or riding it offers a great experience, as this electric scooter outdoes it all.

Total Weight

yume m11 weight

Made with aluminum-based sturdy material, it won’t be the lightest as we have already seen in the specifications that it weighs 139lbs which is pretty dense for an electric scooter.

Hence carrying it around on your back may not be the most optimal thing to do. Yet the materials used in the manufacturing mean the company is providing a sturdy product that can handle all kinds of wear and tear over the years.

Also, since it has off-road features, you do not want an electric scooter made with low-quality materials for the off-road experience.

As its best to pay a little extra for a sturdy and high-quality product that weighs slightly more rather than risk having an accident due to the low-quality materials.

Not only is it made with high-quality materials also means it has more capacity to carry weight which is why Yume M11 electric scooter can carry 330 lbs. easily while providing a wobble-free off-road experience.

The Tires

yume m11 tires

Yume M11 electric scooter is perfect as it comes with 11 inches large off-road shock absorption tires, which means the off-road experience is twice as much enhanced with this electric scooter.

The tires are designed to handle all kinds of terrain and the roads pretty well and offer a skid-free experience.

 Driving system

More fun than it sounds Yume M11 electric scooter comes with an adjustable saddle seat cushion for your comfort. Thanks to the Yumeway team. This multifunctional driving system helps make the rides easier and more comfortable.

You can have all the fun you want with this exceptional electric scooter and its multifunctional driving system.

Cushioned seat

Who knew an electric scooter could come with the perfect cushioned seats for comfort? Credit goes to the incredible Yumeway team for thinking about the riders' comfort so much to add foam padding of high quality that helps make rides easier.

You also get a good grip on the handles, making the back support exceptional. This much thought into an electric scooter for the rider's comfort makes the products of Yumeway stand out in the market.

Improved grip on the handles and back support allows you to handle all kinds of terrain easily, and you don’t have to feel every bump and jerk as you go off the road for an exciting experience.

This further makes the turning and handling of the scooter easier so you can have a stress-free ride. That does not, however, mean that you take your protective gear lightly.

Wearing all kinds of necessary protective gear when riding this electric scooter is a must, or an electric scooter, for that matter.

Superb Brakes

yume m11 brakes

The brakes on Yume M11 electric scooter are impeccable, as they come with an ABS designed for large four-wheel drives.

Hence you can imagine that when you hit the brakes, the electric scooter stops immediately with the help of the dual hydraulic disc braking system. The precision of the brakes is excellent and works wonderfully on both the off-road terrains and the main road tracks.

Dual brakes with dual electric motors mean that you don’t have to worry about running out of charge quickly, and you can travel all the distance it has to offer, as mentioned in the specifications that are 78 miles.

Mindblowing Suspension

yume m11 suspension

With rear and front oil shock absorption technology, there is a lot that the Yume M11 electric scooter can offer about covering the range of 78 miles without causing any bumpy or uneasy ride.

The suspension allows you to have a safe and even journey regardless of what terrain you are on.

And makes it seem almost seamless. The shock absorption mechanisms take all the brunt and handle themselves really well in all kinds of road terrains as well as cemented or craggy grounds or your usual roads.

The Controller

yume m11 controller

The SINE wave technology placed by the Yumeway team offers exceptional smoothness when starting up the electric scooter.  As opposed to all the other electric scooters, Yume M11 electric scooter offers great ease of operating at a slow speed.

The noise of starting the electric scooter that most electric scooters are known for will not be experienced in this model, all thanks to Yumeway SINE technology.

Not only that, it further has a more efficient and smoother startup time as compared to other scooters and responds well to changes in terrain and speed, and handles itself well as well.

Yume M11 Lights

yume m11 lights

The eye-catching colors of the deck will help you stand out in the biggest crowds. From pedals to vertical tubes and sideways, the acrylic lights display sure to create an eye-popping image and are fascinating.

Riding this electric scooter at night doesn’t mean you will be left in the dark. Two front-led lights help light up any path or terrain.

Along with the indicator turn lights that help make your ride safer for the other users on the road and yourself.

It is very important to be visible to the people around you when traveling on a two-wheeler, and with the number of lights, this bad boy has, you won’t have to worry about that.

One additional design feature in this electric scooter is its square headlights which are much snazzier and cool looking as opposed to all the other models.

Safety features:

Many of the safety features have already been discussed above, but something we cannot miss is an audible horn, the lights, and the excellent braking feature. These are the key safety features to look for in an electric scooter.

LED display

An excellent LED screen lets you watch all the important features, like the battery and the scooter's speed. With that comes a USB charging port for your phone, so running out of battery is not an option on this electric scooter.

Rest we leave it up to you to judge the capability of this exceptional electric scooter as it makes for the best product available in the market.

Who is the Yume M11 scooter for?

Anyone who loves speed and can handle the electric scooter with such a high speed. It's also perfect for those who have experience riding electric scooters already.

While electric scooters can be fast, this one is especially fast and offers an excellent range. It can be too fast for a new rider who doesn't have any previous electric scooter experience. Hence it's best to practice on lower-speed scooters before you go for this one.

What comes in the Yume M11 Pro box?

  • The electric scooter
  • Dual 2A chargers
  • A user manual
  • A remote key for color lights
  • A Yume Front Bag (gift)
  • Toolkits gift

How Fast Is Yume M11?

As already discussed Yume M11 goes up to a max speed of up to 60 miles per hour and offers 78 miles range. That makes this the fastest scooter in the market with the highest range.

What makes Yume M11 so unique?

So many additional features have been included in this Yume M11 that it leaves behind all the other scooters on the market. From the ABS system to the lights on the deck and the speed and range, all these features are the best among all the electric scooters.

Rest we leave it up to you to judge the capability of this exceptional electric scooter as it makes for the best product available in the market.

Should You Buy Yume M11 Electric Scooter?

Yume M11 electric scooter has many exciting features, making for a perfect ride. The range, speed, and other features like the ABS braking system are very good and can help riders have the perfect electric scooter riding experience. I recommend this scooter.

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