YUME D4+ Review: Is YUME D4 Plus worth it? ($100 OFF)

YUME D4 plus is another one of those low-priced yet perfect electric scooters. Yumeway has built a reputation for itself as one of the best electric scooter manufacturers.

When trying to find a good budget electric scooter you will run into manufacturing issues and low-quality materials. This is why it’s best to not only do your research but also go with the best names in the market.

Yumeway not only has many pricey models but also has many budget-friendly electric scooters and in our opinion, the YUME D4+ is also an exceptionally amazing electric scooter.

YUME D4+ has another sibling by the name of D5 that is the same model without a seat. Basically, they both have the same price point except that the Yume D5 doesn’t come with a seat priced at $1299.

While the D4+ at $1299 comes with a seat that is removable. So it’s basically up to you if you want the seat then you can opt for this model and the 2000 watts motor will not disappoint you when it comes to the speed and acceleration of this electric scooter.

Things I Love About The Yume D4+ Electric Scooter

Are Dual Motors Powerful?

The dual motors in any electric scooter play a key role in making sure that the electric scooter runs at a steady pace. The stated speed as per the manufacturer, Yumeway is 40 miles per hour.

Now depending on the weight of each person, the speed can differ. Some people weighing 255 lbs. may find the speed to be different than a person who weighs lesser than that.

The top speed also depends on the kind of terrain you are driving on and the dual motors of 1000 watts each make sure that you have a stable and reliable ride. The speed kicks in and makes sure your need for power and acceleration is met accordingly.

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How Big Is The Battery On The YUME D4+?

The Yumeway team did put in a powerful lithium-based battery that is 23.4 ah and 52 volts. It offers a range of 65 miles as mentioned by the manufacturer. However, do note that the exhaustion time of the battery also depends on the speed, the terrain, and the rider’s weight.

The best part about buying any Yumeway electric scooters is that when they put dual batteries in an electric scooter they also provide dual charges. And hence this electric scooter also comes with dual chargers and the charging time is 4 to 5 hours.

Considering that this electric scooter has dual motors and dual such a high-powered battery the charging time is a lot less. There are other models by the same manufacturers that take longer to charge some even take up to 12 hours. So in that case YUME D4+ is an absolute win.

How Big Are The Tires On The YUME D4+ Escooter?

The YUME D4+ comes with 10 inches of off-road pneumatic tires. This means that despite the fact that this electric scooter is essentially made for city rides, you can take it on an off-road expedition.

And as far as the YUME D4+ tires are concerned there is nothing to worry about as they are 10 inches and ride easily on any terrain. Any tire of that size can handle bumps, potholes, and other terrains.

While we are talking about the terrain, it is also worth noting that the YUME D4+ can easily handle all kinds of terrain as the grooves on the tires ensure that any dirt or sand can easily be tackled with these tires. So don’t say no to any off-road excursions with this electric scooter.

Does it have Dual Spring Suspension?

The suspension on this electric scooter is quadruple spring suspension, a shock absorption system on the front end and the rear also has dual spring suspension. This ensures that you don’t have to feel every bump and hole in the road as you ride it.

There is also the matter of safety as a suspension that is strong will offer the rider a better experience and since there will not be many shocks while you ride, you will not fall.

This however does not mean that you go easy on the safety gear. And when riding an electric scooter it’s best to gear up and protect yourself against any kind of electric scooter-related accident.

How good are the Hydraulic Brakes?

The brakes on this electric scooter the YUME D4+ are hydraulic. That allows you to have a hassle-free electric scooter experience as they do not need a lot of maintenance or adjustment.

In fact, with the hydraulic braking system, you do not have to worry about them breaking, fraying, and rusting of the brakes either. This is the most hassle-free, latest technology braking system.

LED display

The handlebar of the electric scooter features dual displays. On the left side of the electric scooter’s handlebar you will find the voltage and on the right side, the display features; time, battery power, modes engaged, and speed.

Easy Accessibility

The accessibility of this electric scooter is pristine as all the buttons that you may need are placed on the handlebar and are easily accessible.

On the right side of the electric scooter, you have the power switch and mode switch buttons, along with an easy acceleration button. While on the left side of the electric scooter handlebar you have the horn and lights button.

Phenomenal Foldability

The Foldability of this electric scooter is phenomenal as it folds in under 5 seconds as per all the other models by Yumeway. Along with that the folding dimensions are impressive and make sure that this electric scooter does not take up too much space. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Folded dimension: height 23 inches, length 47 inch
  • Unfolded dimensions: height roughly 44 inches, length 47 inches

With these dimensions, you can easily place it in the boot of your car and drive around when going for a picnic or a trip. Even for storage purposes, this electric scooter with the dimensions mentioned will not take up too much space.

Great Experience Mudguard

Riding on muddy roads when you go off for off-road experiences you can rely on the mudguard to make sure that the ride is stable and safe. Mudguard also ensures that any mud doesn’t fly up on your deck and make it slippery.

Manual shut-off keys

While this electric scooter comes with buttons to provide the best accessibility for shutting it off and powering it on. There is a dual set of keys as well to ensure that you can power it off with the keys and switch it on with the keys as well.

How Good are the Lights?

The YUME D4+ comes with ample lights, such as the brake light and front LED light. However, the front LED is not strong and bright enough to help light up the road in dark. So traveling on this electric scooter at night can be a bit of trouble.

How Big Is The Deck On The YUME D4+?

The YUME D4+ features a large deck along with the fact that it comes with a removable seat. So if you would like to have a safe ride on any electric scooter, the YUME D4+ has a lot to offer. It also comes with the traditional anti-slip tape that contains the logo and the brand name.

What Is The YUME D4+ Price?

Priced at $1299 this electric scooter does more than offer the best. It has all the features you need and a seat for your comfort. So if you do need a ride that comes with all the features mentioned above and costs under $1500 and comes with a seat then the YUME D4+ will surprise you.

YUME D4+ Specifications

  • Maximum speed: 40 miles per hour
  • Maximum range: 40 miles
  • Battery: lithium battery of 52V 23.4Ah
  • Tires: 10 inches off-road pneumatic tires
  • Light: headlight LED and tail light
  • Shut off-key: manual
  • Brakes: hydraulic
  • Dashboard: multifunctional
  • Front suspensions: quadruple front suspension
  • Rear suspension: dual rear shock-absorbing spring suspension
  • Charging time required: 4 to 5 hours
  • Maximum load limit: 264 lbs.
  • IP rating: IP54

Who Is The YUME D4+ Perfect For?

With this, our YUME D4+ review comes to an end and we can safely say that the Yume D4+ is an absolute delight. While there is room for improvement on minor features like the lights, there really isn’t much that we can protest about.

And if you need a snazzy ride that does 65 miles and comes with the speed of this electric scooter, then the YUME D4+ is made for you.

You can also opt for other electric scooters of the same brand if you want to buy an electric scooter for under $1500. However, these features at this price range and experience are perfect for any rider.

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