How To Charge An Electric Scooter Battery Without A Charger

Electric scooters have become a fun and easy mode of transportation for most people as they do not require petrol and give you enough mileage to get your small chores done easily.

Along with that electric scooters are a fun way to travel. All you need is a fully charged battery and you can have a range of up to 65 plus miles. To ensure that you have enough mileage on your electric scooter you will need a fully charged battery.

Although all the electric scooters come with chargers for the battery, however, due to some reasons the electric scooter charger can become overburdened and lose its power.

Hence to tackle these issues it’s best to know some hacks on how to charge your electric scooter battery without a charger. And in this article, we have decided to enlighten you with such hacks.

How To Charge An Electric Scooter Battery Without A Charger

There are two methods you can use to charge your electric scooter without a charger and we will look at both of them in this article.

  1. Portable car jumper
  2. Universal power adapter

Portable car jumper:

As the name suggests portable car jumpers are used to kick start your vehicle if it ever breaks down. Hence the car jumper’s batteries have much more power and juice in them to provide a high enough voltage to charge your electric scooter so that it is fully charged.

The car jumpers consist of batteries that have additional voltage capacity as opposed to the other batteries. Hence with some knowledge on how to plug it in, you can use the car jumper to charge up your electric scooter without any hassle.

So let’s get to work and see how the technical side of things works:

Connecting jumper and battery:

In order to charge your electric scooter with a car jumper, you will have to find your electric scooter’s battery compartment. Inside the battery compartment, you will find the cell terminals, each cell will have two terminals where the car jumpers will interface. You now need to connect the positive terminal with the red wire and the negative terminal with the dark wire.

Once the connection is made, ensure that you have double-checked everything and all the other gadgets and wires are plugged in where they should be. You do not want to cause an accident and burn the scooter or the battery, so double-check the connection and wires before you move on to the next step.

Power up your car jumper:

It’s time to power up the car jumper so that it can begin transmitting the power to the electric scooter and start the charging process. For this to work to must ensure that the cables are connected properly and that the car jumper battery is able to pass on the high voltage to the electric scooter.

Let it charge:

Now you have to leave your electric scooter on charging with the help of the car jumper. The car jumper generally takes 20 minutes to charge the electric scooter. This means in just 20 minutes’ time your electric scooter will be completely charged and ready to go.

All you have to do now is wait for 20 minutes to let it get fully charged, and while its charging does not detach the wires as it can cause damage to the scooter and the battery. Along with that, it can be dangerous for you due to electrical flames or shocks.

Assess the battery charge status:

Soon enough you can turn the scooter on and check how much is the battery charged. This will help you gauge how much time the full charge of the battery will require. So run a quick test by turning on the scooter and checking battery levels and then turn it off to charge completely before you unplug the car jumper.

Disconnect the car jumper:

Now that you know how much time it will require to charge the battery completely, you can actually give your electric scooter and the car jumper some time to get completely charged. Once the time is up you can restart to assess the battery levels and then you can disconnect your car jumper.

In order to go through this process carefully, turn off your electric scooter completely and then carefully disconnect the dark wire from the negative terminal first and then move on the removing the red wire from the positive terminal.

After you have unplugged the terminals of the cell, you can close the battery compartment safely and then start your electric scooter. Now that your electric scooter is fully charged, it’s ready for a long ride.

Charge with universal power adapter:

Universal power adapters are used to charge all kinds of gadgets and appliances when traveling. Its use is widely known among most and offers a significant amount of power to make the charge effortless and quick.

This charger can also charge up your electric scooter in a very quick time and prevent the use of a charger. So now it is time to understand how does the process of charging your electric scooter with universal power adapter work, without using a charger. So let’s jump in:

Plug your universal power adapter into the battery:

Now it is time to understand the process of plugging the universal power adapter into the battery to charge up the battery of the electric scooter. As known by many the universal power adapter is a versatile battery charger and can easily accommodate any kind of appliance or battery.

Hence making the connection, in this case, will not be as difficult. Unlike the car jumper, you will not have to find the power terminals for the cell and you can simply plug the battery adapter plug to the main terminal port on your electric scooter and let the universal power adapter do its job.

Power off the scooter completely:

In order to completely charge your electric scooter with the help of a universal adapter charger, make sure that you have completely powered off your electric scooter.

Keeping your electric scooter completely turned off will ensure that your universal adapter charger is charging up the scooter quickly without the scooter draining the power.

Let it charge:

Now it’s time to let your electric scooter be charged. Being completely turned off and charging solely by the power of the universal power adapter your electric scooter will reach maximum charge rather quickly without any hindrance.

Similar to the car jumper charging device this method also does not require a lot of charging time as the universal adapter will be able to power up your electric scooter to a full charge in no time. Expect anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes to reach a maximum charge.

To better understand the charging time required it’s best to power up your electric scooter once, during the charging process to understand the time it has taken to reach that level of charging and how much further time will be needed for a full charge.

Unplug and power up:

Now that the electric scooter is fully charged, you can now safely remove the charging cable from the port. Simply disconnect the power plug and rev up your scooter.

A word of caution before charging your Electric Scooter Battery Without A Charger

Here are some things that you need to be careful of when charging the electric scooter using the above-mentioned methods:

  • Electrolyte
  • Cool spots and dry spots
  • Deionized water
  • Positive and negative terminals and cables
  • Safety gear: goggles and gloves
  • For charge screens: voltmeter and hydrometer

How To Charge An Electric Scooter Battery Without A Charger: Final Words

These are some interesting and effective ways to charge your electric scooter without making use of the chargers.

This however does not mean that these are long-term solutions and no matter how small the charging times be, you should always try to find a good charger to do the deed.

Along with that, these are not the safest ways to charge your electric scooter’s battery and a lot of precaution has to be practiced when implementing these methods.

When deploying any of these methods, it is best to ensure using the safety gear to protect your hands and eyes using goggles and gloves to protect both.

Along with that, these methods can be dangerous for the electric scooters as well as there is a chance of electric sparks and fires.

Hence when implementing any of these methods be extra careful and choose wisely. Nevertheless, the end results will make sure that you can ride your electric scooter for a long time and enjoy a steady and safe ride.

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