Yume Y10 Electric Scooter Review

Today we are looking at the most budget-friendly yet powerful electric scooter you can buy. Yume Y10 proves to be more than that, as it’s one of the best Yumeway has given us.

Yumeway knows how to deliver a product that meets the need of the customers perfectly, and with the Yume Y10, they have exceeded all expectations.

Its functionality with its dual motors and the fact that it is priced below $1500. It is the best electric scooter you can buy at this price. It also has many other exciting features that we will explore in more detail. But first, as per usual, let’s look at the specs that this beast comes with.

Yume Y10 Electric Scooter


  • Motor: hall sensor and 2400-watt motor
  • Max speed: 52v up to 40 miles per hour
  • Battery: 52v 23.4ah
  • Range: 40 miles
  • Tires: Pneumatic, off-road tires 10 inch
  • Brake: hydraulic front and rear disc brakes
  • Front suspension: long-length double hydraulic suspension
  • Rear suspension: length 125mm spring suspension
  • Light: front light, turn signal, rear light, and horn
  • IP rating: IP 54
  • Weight: 110lbs or 35.5kg
  • Charger: dual charging ports, so dual batteries 2*2A batteries
  • Max load: 330lbs or 150 kg
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Display: LCD
  • Foldability: 5 seconds
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What to expect?

  • The Yume Y10 electric scooter
  • Two chargers
  • User manual
  • Yume bag gift
  • Toolkits gift

Electric scooters are making life easier and simpler by offering you a chance to get anywhere you want to without having to start your bike or car. All that needs to be done to get to the store is to get on the electric scooter and go.

That’s the ease you get with these electric scooters, along with being environmentally friendly and easy to ride with a speed of up to 40 miles per hour. That is also achievable with the dual batteries, granting you a straight road ride.

You can also take these scooters for an off-road experience, and they can hold their own out there since they are made to withstand that kind of terrain and environment.

So let’s see what YUME Y10 offers with those 10-inch and dual batteries powering.

Who can benefit?

YUME Y10 is the perfect way for anyone to up their electric scooter game as it’s one of the more budget-friendly options and does offer a lot of speed and a decent range. Hence if you are sure that you can handle the P-setting, you can easily jump on this electric scooter and hit the speed button.

However, if you have yet to learn how to work with an electric scooter, you may want to start your electric scooter journey with lesser-speed options such as the Yume S10 and Yume H10.

Both of these are also products by the same manufacturer, so you can rest assured that both will match the product’s quality and serve you well in the journey of electric scooters.

The power that the Yume Y10 scooter offers can send you to reach 40 miles per hour pretty quickly if you do not have a trained hand on the accelerator. So when starting, you may want just to put in some practice sessions to get the hang of the Yume Y10 scooter.

Is it worth the money?

With 2400 watts of power and 40 miles per hour range, of course. That, too, in under $1500; it cannot get better than this. Yume Y10 is a mid-price range electric scooter that offers exceptional range and power, all at an affordable price tag.

The current price of the Yume Y10 electric scooter is $1399. It is the best offer for an electric scooter with this range and functionality, added with all its other cool features.

Some key exciting features that can not be ignored on Yume Y10 electric scooter:

Dual Motor

With the newer versions of electric scooters hitting the market, we are quickly moving towards dual motors. Hence it is worth noting that the manufacturers at Yumeway also decided to adapt to this change quickly and launched the YUME Y10 with dual 2400-watt batteries.

Dual batteries make it super easy for the rider to experience all the reasons for having an electric scooter. Reaching high speed, better range, and improved torque with dual batteries becomes much easier. All this becomes seamless. And it seems to happen much more easily than a single battery.

So you can bet that this scooter offers a lot better speed and torque than its single-battery competitors. Especially with a 2400-watt battery, more power for better results.

The Yume y10 features brushless dual motors that offer its riders a lot more strength, durability, and safety.

How big are the tires?

This electric scooter comes with 10-inch pneumatic tubed tires designed for an excellent off-road experience. When it comes to the tire’s ability to hold up in bumpy terrain, they offer amazing stability and hold their own pretty well.

However, there are other electric scooters by Yumeway, the Yume X7, and Ohvation with much larger tire sizes offering a lot of ease that can not be beaten for an excellent off-road experience.

What type of folding mechanism does the scooter have?

This is a hefty electric scooter weighing 35.5 kgs or 110 lbs, so carrying it around may not be easy. However, the best thing is that it folds very easily, and you can place it in the boot of your car when going on a vacation or going out in general.

The folding isn’t requiring any technical knowledge. Anyone can easily fold it in under 10 seconds which is quite impressive. So the dimensions upon folding are as follows:

  • Unfolded: height – 51 inches and width – 47 inches
  • Folded: height – 47 inches and width – 18 inches

How many Speed modes are there?

This amazing electric scooter has three different speed modes to offer you maximum speed in no time. And it all becomes super easy to manage with an LCD screen that helps you keep track of your speed and the mode you are on.

How good is the suspension?

Yume Y10 offers great suspension due to the double hydraulic action in the front end of the electric scooter, while the rear end has spring suspension.

This saves a lot of thrashing back and forth from happening while you are on an off-road track and having some off-the-road experience with this electric scooter.

This makes the electric scooter perfect for off-road riding as this electric scooter’s suspension, coupled with the power and tires, makes it easy to ride on bumpy and uneven terrain and serves you well.

What Materials were used?

The material used to build this electric scooter is primarily aluminum. Hence the 110lbs weight. However, the fact that all the key parts, like the handlebars, stem, and deck, are made with such high quality makes the fact that this electric scooter can hold its own.

This allows it to handle rough handling when tackling off-road terrain. All these features add great value to a good consumer experience.

What are the safety features?

For a night in the town on this electric scooter, you won’t have to worry about not getting noticed as it comes with multiple sets of lights placed strategically to light the path and highlight your presence on the road, besides making you look cool.

Such as, the deck lights are honestly the coolest feature ever. For safety, you can be sure that the lights in the front will light up the path no matter how narrow or bumpy it may be. Coupled with indicator lights, pedestrians and other road users will be able to take note of your presence.

And if that wasn’t enough, you also have a horn audible to many pedestrians along with most vehicles around you. This helps clear the path if you are on a tight road and helps let people know of your presence.

A feature that cannot be neglected is the hydraulic brakes, as riding in a tight squeeze may need you to brake often, and this electric scooter doesn’t hold back when you hit those brakes as it comes to an instant halt.

The suspension on this electric scooter ensures that no matter how bumpy the terrain may be, the scooter and the rider remain stable, and you have a better hold of the steering while you hit all those bumpy spots on the terrain.

How big is the deck?

The deck of this electric scooter, the Yume Y10, is pretty large and offers quite a lot of ease to its user while riding it.

Placing your feet on the deck flat makes riding easier and offers much more stability. The deck has LED lights underneath that turn on and off with the flick of a button. Isn’t that amazing?

If you love standing out, you will love the lights underneath the deck as it puts on quite a show, and it’s hard to go unnoticed as you are out and about, having some fun.

Furthermore, the adjustable height makes it easier for riders of any height to adjust to their liking; this way, you don’t have to put too much pressure on your wrists or your back to make sure you can easily ride this electric scooter.

Sleek yet heavy

The Yume Y10 weighs 110 lbs, which is a lot for an electric scooter, yet it folds up to become pretty petite. This is without the additional weight of the seat, which is 2kg which makes it go up to 112 lbs.

So that is why it is easier to pack in the boot of your car; however, carrying it around may become difficult unless you can rest it on the ground, maybe on the bus or the subway.

Adjustable stem

Your height should not be the factor stopping you from buying an electric scooter, and Yumeway understood that and made the stem adjustable to every height.

This makes it perfect for people of all heights, and, amazingly, a company is working on such small details to ensure that all of its customer bases get the full benefit and ease of the product.

Since you can adjust the stem to your height, it also offers more stability and ease of riding as you know that your back, your hands for the grip, and your wrists won’t have to suffer when you take this electric scooter for a ride.

All these joints suffer from the lack of a decent posture and stability of the scooter. Hence, having the right posture is important in ensuring you can ride it for long hours without tiring yourself.

Charging ports and chargers

What’s excellent about Yumeway is that they not only put dual charging ports on the electric scooter, but they also had the sense to add a dual charger for the electric scooter, which saves its consumers the extra buck from their pocket to buy dual chargers.

So with the dual chargers, the charging time of the battery automatically comes down, and you can quickly get to 100 percent with the dual chargers. Thanks to Yumeway for being extra caring for their consumers.

Should You Buy Yume Y10 Electric Scooter?

If you want power, speed, off-road experience, and stand out amongst a crowd while keeping your pocket expense in check, you cannot find a better deal than the Yume Y10.

It offers great value for money as you reap the benefits of having strong tires and the speed and power of dual batteries; all these pack a tough punch, and the acceleration makes it all worth it. So leap and have some fun!

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