Yume X7 Electric Scooter Review

The YUME X7 electric scooter does pack a punch; unlike its competitors, it has many new and additional features that rank it one of the best electric scooters.

Its sizes, from tires to the deck, are quite admirable and leave people stunned at the range it covers.  It is an exciting product to use.

So, in this YUME X7 review, we will cover all the amazing features of the Yume X7, the issues one might face, and especially who the product is for. Now, let’s jump into what makes the Yume X7 Electric scooter great!

Things I love about the YUME X7

 Are Dual motors powerful?

This comes with DC dual motors, each motor being 4000 watts. The power it offers is enough to let you go off-roading or even uphill if you desire it.

The benefit of such a powerful motor backing up your ride is that you can travel on any terrain without worrying. From uphill to off-roading to plain lands, it can handle any terrain. Isn’t that just amazing?

What’s fun is that it allows you to switch between the dual-motor or single-motor features if you do not want to ride them at high speeds.


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How Speed controls with a controller?

One of the most amazing and reliable features of the YUME X7 electric scooter is its controller. That amazing controller and dual motors’ speed offer the best speed control and the ability to reach maximum and minimum speed easily.

This helps the rider control the ride’s mechanics and take complete control of the situation with the help of the best controller. The controller is backed by a 90aH-powered controller that offers maximum speed control.

How big is the deck on the YUME X7?

Its deck is 61 cm long and 26cm in width, providing extra support and comfort for the user to ride this bike easily. Anyone with any height and weight below 150 Kg / 330 lbs. can stand on it and ride a YUME X7 electric scooter.

The space allows riders to stand easily and position their feet comfortably. This plays a key role in being one of the best features.

If you are unable to balance yourself on the board correctly, you won’t be able to ride it properly, and that is what is offered with this large and beautiful deck. Also, the deck is a beautiful design made of acrylic with lights embedded inside it.

How big are the tires on the YUME X7 scooter?

These tubeless tires offer more than one can imagine. As you know, they come in a 13-inch diameter size that is almost unmatched in the market except for maybe one YUME Ohvation and Emove Roadrunner that carry 13 and 14 inches, respectively.

Along with being chunky and massive, these tires are excellent for off-roading, as they can provide a clearance area of 24 cm above the ground and are anti-skid/street tires.

They are perfect for off-roading and sloppy areas. They are 13 inches in diameter and 5 inches in width, and they are tube-less to remove the hassle of replacing the tubes; this is one of the best tire systems on the market.

How good are the Frames and handles?

The frame and handles of the YUME X7 scooter are made of aviation-grade aluminum, offering stability and safety that the rider feels comfortable with. The rest of the body parts are made of different materials, as that would impact the total weight of the scooter.

However, the ergonomic design makes the grip easy on the hands, and the rider doesn’t tire while trying to stabilize the scooter. The stability and ease of handling are perfect for the rider.

Additional features I love

The screen on top of the bike is useful for monitoring speed, battery gears, and time. This helps keep the rider aware of all these aspects while driving the scooter, which, in our opinion, is very helpful.

However, if the screen is too difficult to keep up with, you can just as easily switch to an LED display. The controls on the YUME X7 electric scooter have made it very easy to handle the speed modes and motors you want to use while riding it.

You can choose either of the three modes, and the usage of the motors can also be decided with a click of a button. Switching between dual and single-mode is extremely easy with the controls provided.

What type of folding mechanism does the YUME X7 have?

Its easy-to-fold capability makes the scooter very easy to use for many people, and its ability to take less space comes in handy if you want to put it in the trunk of your car. The exact length and height specifications are as follows:

  • 58 cm in height when folded
  • 146 cm in length when folded
  • 150 cm height when unfolded
  • 135 cm in length when unfolded

This helps make it easier to envision placing it in a vehicle or carrying it around. It doesn’t take up too much space or seem bulky. That being said, its weight is quite a lot when carrying.

How big is the battery on the YUME X7?

The best and most interesting thing about the electric scooter is the battery that it comes with. As already discussed, it comes with dual batteries, each carrying 4000. Similarly, to charge these dual batteries, you will also need a dual charger, which YUME provides along with the entire package.

Honestly, make your life easy because if you add the cost of buying a dual charger, the overall cost rises significantly. To boggle your mind more, let us tell you how much 72V and 45aH mean, and that figure is 3240 watts – hours to deplete the battery of this scooter.

All the while, it takes only 8 to 10 hours to charge it to 100 percent. Furthermore, there are three versions of this scooter available currently, which are 50ah 60V color acrylic light, 45ah 72V color acrylic light, and 45ah 72V batteries.

What Features for safety does YUME X7 provide?

Riding this beast will make you crave proper safety and security features to ensure a safe ride. This is why YUME X7 has many dedicated safety features to suit your needs.

Are Brakes good on YUME X7?

The accuracy and precision of the brakes on the YUME X7 electric scooter are amazing, as it uses electronic blackout breaks. It also has hydraulic brakes that quickly bring the scooter to a halt and make it easier for the rider to remain stable.

This feature is much more powerful and better than the disc brakes, as those inevitably cause more damage than assistance in offering stability and a quick halt.

These are two primary requirements of any rider, and YUME X7 has done a good job of offering the best. Since the brakes are electronic, they are quick to lock once the rider presses the pedal.

Overheating batteries resolved

With the YUME X7, you don’t have to worry about overheating the batteries since Yumeway decided to add the under-voting sleep prompt to the scooter that works automatically.

This helps ensure that the company takes care of those scary short-circuit fires and hazards, and you can relax when charging this electric scooter. It is also designed to protect against over-discharging, overheating, and 5A dual battery fast chargers.

Does YUME X7 provide good Suspension?

Keeping your bottoms safe from injuries is a serious consideration, so the YUME X7 has an excellent suspension. It also has dual spring shock absorbers on the rear end to protect against shocks on rocky terrains.

It’s almost hard not to mention the front-end suspension that offers splendid stability and is the most fun you can have with a scooter.

The ride changes a lot with the help of this bike’s great suspension, and as you get used to it, it becomes even easier to handle. The ride becomes more fun, and you are just there to have the most fun with a scooter.

Is Horn quality better?

Horn is a must-have. Especially an audible enough horn that will clear the way for you and inform the pedestrians and other people on the road. This helps just like the brake lights in informing the people around you about your movements and ensures a safe and easy ride.

Are LED lights better at night?

The best, most flashy feature of the YUME X7 is its amazing lights. It makes it easier to ride the scooter event when it’s dark outside, and you can relax and switch between different lighting modes.

It has four front-end lights that help light up the road in front of you and inform the oncoming traffic of your presence. The acrylic LED strip light on the scooter comes in 7 amazing colors: yellow, pink, white, blue, red, green, and purple.

This helps you stand out; if you like standing out, this is the scooter for you. The turn indicator lights are also very helpful when riding in crowded areas; the lights are bright enough to be seen by any pedestrian or road user and provide safety to the people on the road and the rider.

Is YUME X7 good for Hill climbing?

Any incline lying between 30 to 60 degrees can easily be conquered with a YUME X7 electric scooter. Due to its vast free space underneath, it also lets you ride in off-roading areas, and you can climb if the incline falls inside the bracket of 30 to 60 degrees.

What is the YUME X7 Price?

The price of YUME X7 72V 45aH is $2759, which is available on the website, and you can purchase it for the said price from their website.

YUME X7 Specifications

Some of the key specifications of the YUME X7 Electric Scooter are as follows:

  • Motor: BLDC dual hub motors with hall sensor – 8000 watts
  • Max Speed: 72 v up to 55 miles per hour
  • Range: 80 miles
  • Battery: Panasonic21700 72V 45ah
  • Hill grade: depending on rider’s weight and other aspects – 35 to 60 degrees
  • Brake: Electronic blackout brake and Hydraulic brake
  • Tires: anti-skid 13-inch-wide road tires with inner tube
  • Light: 4 U7 big front LED lights with rear turn lights, horn, and brake light
  • Acrylic board: high-end colorful deck and rear acrylic lights
  • Weight: 55 kg/120 lbs.
  • Maximum load: 150 kg/330 lbs.
  • Charging: 8 to 10 hours
  • IP Rating: IP54

What comes in the box?

  • An electric scooter
  • Chargers: 2
  • User manual
  • Remote controller for lights
  • Gift: A YUME carrying bag
  • Gift: tools kit

Final Verdict

This electric scooter has a lot to offer. With its 13-inch tires and solid deck, it offers great stability to the rider and makes for a good ride. Furthermore, the blackout brakes and dual-end suspensions help provide even more stability and enough control on the scooter so that you can have a safe journey.

Safety seems to be a priority in YUME X7. As you ride it around, you will notice how much having a brake light and turn indicator lights can impact your riding and safety experience.

To further enhance this, the YUME X7 electric scooter is made of strong and durable materials, making it even more stable and easy to handle underneath your hands. An excellent and fun feature is the acrylic lights on the deck that make the experience of riding on it more fun.


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