Yume X11+ Plus Electric Scooter

Yume scooters are popular for their durability and performance. Recently the company has launched a new product in its X-Series. The Yume X11+ Electric Scooter is a user-friendly vehicle with all the prerequisites to become the next big thing.

I have been a fan of the electric scooters from Yume for years. They keep everything simple by sticking to the basics. Each Yume scooter has a different set of basic but reliable features. The Yume X11+ Electric Scooter also has all the necessary specs.

In my opinion, the Yume X11 Plus Electric provides a perfect balance between convention and technology. It has hydraulic disc brakes and heavy-duty motors that are common in most Yume scooters. However, it has advanced features like remote monitoring, five-point shock absorption, an NFC system, and dual throttle.

In this article, I will explain all the features provided by the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter. Each feature has its impact on your usage. It is usually hard to correlate different features and understand what they bring. This product will answer all the speculations surrounding the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter.

Yume X11+ Plus Electric Scooter

The price

I purchased the Yume X11+ Electric Scooter for 2199 dollars. The price is reasonable because you will find inferior electric scooters for a much higher price. The Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter is a heavy-duty vehicle for all terrains and turfs.

It is hard to find a similar product under the 2500 dollars range, especially considering the features I will discuss. I loved the value that I received for my money.

What’s inside the box?

Yume is known for providing the most value-adding accessories with its scooters. The accessories that I received in my package were:

  1. The Yume X11+ Electric Scooter
  2. 2 x chargers for faster battery recharge
  3. A user manual with assembly and usage guidelines
  4. NFC keys
  5. A bag and tool kit to carry everything
  6. A mobile phone holder
  7. A remote to adjust the lights
  8. A backup index finger throttle
  9. 2 x rear mirrors for added safety
  10. A tire pump to keep it inflated
  11. A dampener to keep the handle stable.


  1. Flawless five-point suspension mechanism.
  2. Sufficient lighting for night trips.
  3. Prominent screen for monitoring and NFC system for easy unlocking.
  4. Ideal for off-road trips with wide tires and reliable suspension.
  5. Durable body and foldability feature.
  6. The push and pull throttle is easy to switch.


  1. It does not include a seat, so you must purchase it separately.
  2. There are other faster electric scooters available.
  3. The water resistance rating is not impressive.
  4. The warranty period could have been longer.
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The physical durability

If I am asked to sum up the Yume X11+ Electric Scooter’s structure in just one word, I would say durable. It is made of a 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum frame. This aluminum frame does not catch rust or corrode easily when exposed to water.

It weighs around 48 kilograms, so carrying it around my garage was relatively easier. The aluminum frame is strong enough to carry 150 kilograms. I weighed around 70 kilograms and carried around 30 kilograms on the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter to test its strength. Read Yume X11 Review.

The frame sustained the 100-kilogram weight without bending. Moreover, the performance did not go down as well. The company improved the balance on the front and back tires as I did not unbalance on uneven surfaces.

You can adjust the handlebar height according to your posture. I am not a fan of C-shaped suspensions because the steering wobbles. However, the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter has a patented design containing three bars to ensure comfort and smoothness.

The components of the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter have a 54 IP rating. Apart from all this, this electric scooter has a side stand and a mudguard. You can park it easily in your garage because the frame is foldable.

Motor power

The motor power of Yume Scooters never fails to impress. Count the Yume X11+ Electric Scooter as no exception to this. It has dual high-speed custom motors of 3000 watts each at the front and rear tires. The 6000-watt strength combined with hall sensor technology is ideal for off-road traveling.

I was shocked by the smooth and powerful acceleration that enabled the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter to climb steep off-road surfaces. It has a modulated motion control curve and a dynamic response time of 0.07 seconds. The maximum speed and climbing capacity are explained in the next heading.

The impressive performance

The Yume X11+ Electric Scooter performs better than most vehicles in the same price range. The motor strength allows this scooter to climb surfaces as steep as 30 degrees.

Moreover, I traveled on the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter and maintained a speed of 50 miles per hour. The speed diminished when driving on slopes and when I carried heavier weight on it.

The battery lets you travel 60 miles in a complete charging cycle. I did not test the battery capacity till the end, but my test drive lasted well over 30 miles. The 60 miles distance range and 50 miles per hour speed are ideal for traveling from town to town on a highway.

The battery capacity

The Yume X11+ Electric Scooter has a capable battery with 30 Ah strength and 60 volts. The manufacturer has integrated the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter with the 21700 cell Samsung battery.

The battery contains overcharge protection, short circuit protection, heat resistance, and over-discharge protection. Like all other Yume electric scooters, the Yume X11+ Electric Scooter has two charging ports supporting 2-ampere chargers each.

The dual charging port fills the battery quicker than one fast charger. The charging system is optimized for safety.  The Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter battery enables you to travel 60 miles (as discussed in the preceding heading).

Off-road tires

Tires are more important in an electric scooter than you think. I am adventurous and like sturdy tires with sufficient grip to prevent accidents. The Yume XX11+ Electric Scooter has 11-inch off-road and tubeless tires with a 3.95-inch wide surface.

The wide tire surface is a valuable addition to the stability, and the patterns provide a firm grip on off-road surfaces. These tires do not burst, slip, or tear.

Hydraulic disc brakes

The Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter is one of the most secure two-wheel vehicles I have driven for a long time. The front and rear tires have hydraulic disc brakes that can immediately halt the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter. The company has integrated it with a high-temperature carbonization method that prevents the brakes from heating upon application.

I prefer having anti-lock brakes, and this scooter has exactly that. The Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter is integrated with an electronic anti-lock brake system that activates in approximately 0.1 seconds.

Reliable shock absorption

My test ride on the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter was smoother than a cube of butter. This scooter has five shock absorption points to reduce the impact sustained while driving. I drove the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter on and off the road.

The C-shaped suspensions in the front contain three bars. Each bar works as a shock absorber. These bars not only absorb the shocks but also stabilize the handlebar.

There are two 125-millimeter-long spring suspensions at the rear end. The spring suspensions can efficiently absorb the landing impact. The box contains a dampener to keep your steering stable on off-road trips. Yume’s development team has earned my admiration for the five-point suspension, wide tires, and steering dampener.

The feature-studded handlebar

Yume has introduced a larger center-mounted display affixed to the mid of the handlebar. This display is more convenient to monitor and more prominent than previous models. I could easily see the stats in the sunlight because the screen was anti-glare.

The screen shows real-time speed, text info, battery life, riding mode, drive switch, and trip time. I enjoyed the smart switching mechanism to opt for either thumb push or trigger pull throttles. My fingers did not feel numb or tired while driving.

The NFC system installed by the manufacturer in the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter is the newest feature in this product line. It is convenient to use communication cards to lock or unlock the vehicle.

Apart from the handlebar, you can monitor your ride stats and control certain other features remotely. Remote handling is possible with the iOS and Android mobile phone apps. The lighting can be controlled using the light remote. How many lights does the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter have? I have explained it below.

Sufficient lighting

I had no trouble driving through traffic with the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter. The company provides you with sufficient lighting. There are two front LED lights and a brake light in the back to let people know when you have applied brakes.

I cannot drive without the turn signals, so this scooter never made me leave my comfort zone. A horn is available to clear traffic. Moreover, the box contains a couple of rear mirrors to keep you more secure.

Warranty and purchase safety

The thing I like the most about the Yume electric scooters is the customer satisfaction and reliable after-sales service. My past experiences with the company have been great.

The manufacturer offers a 6-month warranty with the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter. This warranty is accompanied by a lifetime repair and maintenance service. Moreover, a 14-day return policy provides more cushioning to a buyer.


I will stick to my words that the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter is a perfect balance between convection and technology. Yume introduced the NFC system in the X-Series. However, the limelight is perfect stability, allowing you to climb up the cliff or go downstairs while ensuring safety.

The Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter has eleven in its name because it has 11-inch broad tires that keep you stable off the road. The absorption system is impeccable, absorbing shocks at five different points. The hydraulic disc brakes are effective for an immediate halt, while the anti-lock brake system keeps you stable.

The article mentions that the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter has a durable body. It took me some time to get along with the controls on the handlebar. The NFC system, remote control app, throttle switch, and stats on the screen are difficult to understand at first.

The Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter is one of the best vehicles available in this price range. I have reservations regarding the speed limit, the distance range, water resistance, and the warranty period.

However, you should know that there is no such thing as a perfect product. Despite these minor flaws, the Yume X11 Plus Electric Scooter stands above all the other vehicles in the same range.

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