Yume Osprey Electric Scooter

The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter is a rebranded version of the M11 Electric Scooter. The company had problems establishing marketing for the M series amidst the value provided by the X and Y series developed under Yume’s umbrella.

People tend to check if a rebranded product has something new. The real struggle for the development team is to develop something new while retaining the iconic features from the previous models.

This scooter has every value-adding feature that the M11 Electric Scooter has. For instance, the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter’s tires are the same size. The aluminum frame’s durability and performance are as impressive as the M11 Electric Scooter.

So where has the company brought innovation? This is where this article comes in handy. I have purchased and reviewed the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter to educate the readers. I will explain every minute detail to help you decide the purchase decision.

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Yume Osprey Electric Scooter

High-end price

For this review, I have purchased the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter for 2899 dollars. Other companies offer premium electric scooters for well over 3000 dollars. However, Yume is known for the value it provides in each of its products.

You must save or take a hefty loan to purchase this scooter. The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter is for passionate travelers who like to spend thousands for the adrenaline rush. The features integrated into this scooter are far better than other mid-range vehicles.

What is inside the box?

The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter contains a set of standard accessories. I found the following things inside my package:

  1. A Yume Osprey Electric Scooter
  2. A couple of 2-ampere chargers for faster charging
  3. A user manual for DIY assembly and easy usage.
  4. A couple of NFC keys to unlock
  5. The Yume bag & toolkit for carrying the important tools
  6. A dampener to keep the handlebar stable.
  7. A light remote to change the LED combo
  8. A mobile phone holder
  9. A backup index finger throttle
  10. A couple of rear-view mirrors
  11. A tire pump

Again, the company did not provide a seat for a long journey. It sells the seat separately online when needed.


  1. The motor power is astounding.
  2. Speed controllers maintain a smooth acceleration.
  3. The maximum speed, climbing angle, and distance range are solid.
  4. It has a sturdy body frame that rarely deforms.
  5. The braking system is impeccable.
  6. The LCD screen is anti-glare and loaded with the necessary stats.
  7. The throttle switch puts no fatigue on your hand.


  1. The price is high.
  2. No LED strip on the side makes it unsafe for night travel.
  3. The water resistance rating is insufficient.
  4. You do not get a seat in the package.
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Ergonomic design and durable build

The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter is a heavy-duty vehicle. I like the stem design because it has stylish cuts that make it look premium. The frame is made of aluminum alloy that does not catch rust in the humid or rainy season.

The quality of the high-capacity battery, powerful motor, and sturdy aluminum frame is evident from the 56-kilogram weight. The dimensions allowed me to stand and place my hand comfortably. The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter is 53 inches long and 55 inches high.

A durable kickstand is attached to the scooter’s side to enable parking in the public place. I parked my Yume Osprey Electric Scooter in my garage by folding it. The dimensions after folding are 56 inches in length and 20 inches in height.

The base is durable enough to carry 126 kilograms. I traveled on the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter with a total weight of 100 kilograms, and the body easily sustained it without deforming. The water resistance rating is IP 54, inadequate for continuous rain exposures.

Heavy-duty motor

The motor power of the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter is solid. It has two motors of 3500 watts at the front and back. The 7000-wattage is ideal for climbing steep slopes. The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter can climb 30 to 35-degree slopes.

Moreover, the highest speed that this scooter can reach is 60 miles per hour. Despite the power, I liked the smooth acceleration and constant cruise speed of the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter. It is all because of the dual 2A speed controllers. The hall sensor is also integral to the motor performance since it senses the conditions.

Out-performing stats

The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter is up in the ranks with the most heavy-duty electric scooters. I have assessed the performance regarding distance range, maximum speed, and climbing angle. The distance range has everything to do with the battery life.

My test run lasted around 43 miles when half the battery got consumed. This means the company’s claim regarding the mileage of 100 miles is true. The maximum/average speed and the climbing angle depend entirely upon the motor power.

I drove my Yume Osprey Electric Scooter with a total weight of 100 kilograms loaded on it. The speed could not reach 60 miles per hour, but I could maintain 45 to 50 miles per hour speed on the road.

Moreover, the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter can easily climb off-road slops with weight on it. It would be best if you kept in mind that many aspects determine the performance of your scooter. The battery life, loaded weight, and road conditions are important.

Strong battery and dual charging

The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter has a strong battery that can produce 72 volts and has a capacity of 40 ampere-hours. The battery is integrated with the management system to save it from varying electric currents and temperature conditions. It is a Samsung E50 battery with 21700 cells to handle the load.

The battery is the only factor behind the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter having 100 miles distance range. My scooter took around six to seven hours to charge from zero to a hundred percent. The dual 2-ampere chargers are why the 40 Ah battery fills in such a short time.

11-inch off-the-road tires

As mentioned earlier, the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter is a rebranded version of the M11 Electric Scooter. The manufacturer has retained the 11-inch tire diameter from the previous model. The tires are tubeless, so you can drive the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter on and off the road.

I prefer gripping tires for off-the-road trips as well as the highway journey. There is a deep pattern with aggressive treads to prevent this scoter from slipping on the wet roads.  The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter is your companion in all sorts of terrains.

Immediately halting brakes

The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter has one of the safest brake systems on the market. It has a zoom hydraulic disc brake on each of the tires. The brake components are supplied by a popular brand (claimed by the company only).

I love the control and precision that the Zoom hydraulic disc brakes provide. The 160mm rotor on each brake ensures the scooter halts immediately upon application. Moreover, it has a cooling fin pad to prevent the components from heating during the halt.

Decent suspension

The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter has the same suspension system installed in the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter. It has a hydraulic piston on each tire with a metallic coil surrounding it. Any shock sustained by the tires is shifted to the hydraulic press and the coil to mitigate it.

I love the control that the company gives you over the suspension system. Each metallic coil has a knob for stiffness adjustment. Rotate it in a clockwise direction to tighten the knob. The stiffened knob is ideal for a stable journey on a highway.

Loosening the knob is better for off-road trips because it allows more flexibility.  The front shock absorber is C-shaped to reduce the stress on the tire.  However, I’m not a big fan of C-shaped due to excessive steering vibration. The dampener helps reduce the vibration.

Bright lights

The headlights of the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter are as bright as floodlights. The company has installed two LED lights enclosed in the aluminum shell. The aluminum shell reflects and focuses the light on the road. The sight range is longer than filament headlights.

A brake light and a pair of turn signals are mandatory for your safety. I found the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter very friendly to drive in the city traffic. It has a horn and a few rear-view mirrors to increase your journey’s security.

I expected the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter to have at least an LED strip on the side. The side strips are critical for night travel because other drivers can locate you easily with them.

User-friendly handlebar

I love the center-mounted screens in all the new models from Yume. The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter has a prominent LCD screen in the center of the handlebar. The screen shows all the important stats: the real-time speed, trip timer, ride mode, and remaining battery life.

Apart from the LCD screen, you can control and monitor your ride via a mobile app. The interface of the app is user-friendly and provides all the historical stats. You can place your mobile in the smartphone holder to help you with navigation.

The best features I liked in the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter handlebar are the NFC keys and switchable throttle. The NFC key is the easiest way to unlock the vehicle. My hand did not tire because I could easily switch between my thumb and index finger to maintain the acceleration.

Six-month warranty and lifetime service

Like all the other Yume devices, the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter has a warranty contract of six months. This period is insufficient for me as electric scooters are prone to problems that might occur after the said time.

However, the company offers lifetime after-sales services to ensure reliable maintenance. Yume also has a 14-day return policy for unsatisfied users.


All the features that I mentioned in the review are value-adding. You will rant about the high price, but it will serve all usage patterns. The impressive performance stats outperform all other scooters on the market.

The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter is ideal for city-to-city traveling and an adventurous trip to an off-road location. The battery capacity and motor power are meant for harsh road conditions. The ride comfort will be the same on uneven country roads and well-developed highways.

The Yume Osprey Electric Scooter costs you a lot of pennies. You ought to have savings or another financing source to purchase this beast.

I admire the swift speed and mileage because this scooter is an awesome companion for long journeys. Go to the college, office, or parties on the Yume Osprey Electric Scooter. Everyone will eventually ask you about it!

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