Yume M10 Electric Scooter Review

YUME M10 is loved and admired by almost every person who buys it. The company has brought a combination of both high-end features and affordable prices.

The YUME M10 comes with a market-competitive set of safety and stability features. Apart from this, the performance is also impressive since you get a configuration of power that is better than most models in the market.

The company has tried its best to maintain the value proportion offered by the preceding electric scooter models.

However, the question arises whether this scooter qualifies as an actual value-adding vehicle or not. To solve this simple equation, we have compiled all the necessary features to consider before purchasing an electric scooter.

Read the detailed review below and learn what you need to know. By the end of this article, you will know what the YUME M10 has to offer.

Yume M10 Electric Scooter


The price is impressive. The Yumeway corporation is a well-known electric scooter manufacturer that produces both high-end and affordable scooters.

The YUME M10 is on the fine line between the aspects we have just mentioned. It is sold at 1699 dollars on the official website. The price tag might not feel affordable, but the scooter justifies every penny you spend.

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Design and build

yume m10 design and build

The YUME M10 is made of the same aviation-graded aluminum alloy frame that is sturdy and comparatively lighter than other metals.

The overall weight of this scooter is 77 lbs (35 kilograms), while a maximum of 150 kilograms can be loaded without impairing the design and shape.

The company has also focused on keeping the scooter eye-catching since you will find an LED strip with sufficient lighting to keep you safe and visible at night. There are lights installed below the deck and even on the stem.

The body is sleek and shiny, with a comfortable handlebar design. You can also attach a seat to the deck, so standing on the scooter is not the only option.

It has the same folding mechanism which all other Yumeway vehicles have. The overall dimensions read 130 cm x 72 cm x 140 cm when the scooter is unfolded.

However, the YUME M10 can be folded in just 5 seconds. When folded, the dimensions are reduced to 130 cm x 22 cm x 55 cm. The handlebar foldability can be an issue, but we recommend it for compact parking places and portable usage.

Performance features

The performance features are not the best that you can find in the market. The YUME M10 can travel a maximum distance of 45 miles (72 kilometers) and is the best you can get in a cost-friendly electric scooter. The battery is effective enough to allow you to take multiple trips across the city.

Other than this, the motor strength also does not disappoint either. It allows you to travel at a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour (72 kilometers per hour).

It is faster than many other similar products in the market. The motor provides the YUME M10 with the power to carry loads up to 330 lbs (150 kilograms).

Motor strength

The motor strength is by far the most impressive feature of the YUME M10. While other features might feel insufficient at times, the 2400 watts of motor power is a formidable number that you would find in this price range.

Moreover, the Yumeway corporation has divided the overall motor power into a set of dual motors that are 1200 watts each. The duality of the motor is a key feature when you consider load management. It also allows you to touch the 45-mile-per-hour mark.

Battery capacity

The battery life has been discussed a bit under the performance features. As mentioned, the battery enables you to travel 45 miles (72 kilometers) in one complete charging cycle. Also, read YUME M11 Review.

The total battery capacity is 60 volts with a current flow rate of 22.5 ampere-hours. The battery is also resistant to issues such as overheating, short circuits, low current, and overcharge. You would rarely face an abnormality as far as the battery is concerned.

Charging time

The charging time is at par with other electric scooters available online. The YUME M10 houses a dual charging mechanism that allows the battery to fill up in 6 hours.

The chargers are fast-charging with an electric current flow of 5 ampere-hours. It might feel time-consuming initially, but almost all electric scooters charge for 5 to 6 hours.

Suspension system

yume m10 suspension system

The YUME M10 comes with an improved shock-absorbing mechanism. The traditional spring suspensions are replaced by the adjustable hydraulic suspension at each of the two tires.

The hydraulic suspensions are proactive in absorbing shocks because they mitigate the jolt received when the vehicle uplifts.

The landing jerk is dealt with the same way as well. This suspension system allows you to travel on excessively bumpy surfaces. The YUME M10 ensures a safe and smooth ride throughout the trip.


yume m10 tires

The tires are also lovable since they provide you with admirable balance. Each tire has a 10-inch width that allows you to keep it stable while traveling.

Furthermore, they are pneumatic and support off-road usage. You can travel to bumpy country roads or muddy fields without worrying about wear and tear.

Braking system

When riding the YUME M10, you should expect it to halt immediately upon applying brakes. Like high-end electric scooters, the company has adopted the hydraulic disc brake system.

It has a 160mm rotor and cooling fin pads to avoid heating fluids. These brakes are better than mechanical substitutes as they are cheaper to maintain and less prone to wear and tear.


As mentioned in the previous headings, the balance and grip provided by the YUME M10 are second to none. The tires are 10 inches wide, so you will easily remain more stable than the models with thinner tires.

Moreover, the suspension system is hydraulic so that this scooter can adjust according to the surface. The bumpy surfaces cannot trouble you because the suspension system ensures stability.

Lighting system

yume m10 lighting system

The lighting system is impeccable. You will find a shiny LED light with an aluminum shell reflecting all the rays of the road you are traveling.

Moreover, a brake light is integrated on the back with several turn signals on each side. This ensures that you can take turns or halt the scooter safely.

Furthermore, the LED strips on the side of the YUME M10 are both eye-catching and prominent to let you travel at night time. These stripes make the scooter visible sideways.

There is a remote control available to set various configurations. The lights are colorful, so you can adjust the spectrum according to your wants.

Water resistance

The safety of a scooter is as important as the rider’s safety. The Yumeway corporation has safeguarded the YUME M10 with the IP54 water resistance.

However, this is insufficient for a device driven in heavy rain. We would recommend sealing vulnerable junctions and electrical components with water-resistant tapes.

LED display

The handlebar has an LED display on the right side with all the necessary real-time stats you will need while riding your YUME M10. It shows the gear, time, battery life, and current speed. Apart from this, the screen is prominent as well as water-resistant.


yume m10 controls

The controls on the handlebar are simple to understand and convenient to use. On the left side of the handlebar, you will find an on-and-off switch to power your scooter when you want.

There are indicator controls to inform the traffic about the turn you are about to take. Below this, you will find a horn button that clears your way effectively.

The right side of the handlebar will be familiar if you have used a Yumeway scooter. You will find a couple of power adjustment buttons to make the usage more specific to your needs.

The eco-turbo button allows you to manage the strength with which the scooter is driven. Besides this, a single-double button lets you choose whether you want a single wheel to rotate actively or both.

There are three-speed modes available to make your trips more convenient than ever. A manual accelerator is integrated beside the LED screen to give you complete control over the process.

Is this a good electric scooter?

The YUME M10 is the best electric scooter available in the market. The most astounding thing that you would find about this model is the balance between affordability and feature provision.

Various features, including the hydraulic brakes and suspension system, keep the rider upright and balanced throughout the trip. It is sufficient when it comes to lighting and performance.

The power features are also second to none in this price range since the YUME M10 goes past the 70 kilometers mark in both speed and distance.

Who is this scooter for?

The YUME M10 is tailor-made for intracity traveling. You can ride on it to your school or work. The long range makes it an ideal delivery vehicle with impressive load-bearing capacity.

Besides this, the lighting system is impeccable so that a nightrider will love it. A sleek look and high-end design are important for all those who prefer stylish vehicles & the company has answered the call of all such users.

What makes this electric scooter so special?

Various features make the YUME M10 special. The performance stats are solid because the company has maintained an impressive power configuration.

Moreover, integrating hydraulic components in the brake and the suspension system is admirable since it is difficult to find in scooters under 2000 dollars.

Besides this, the lighting system is perfect since you get all the necessary lights, including the shiny LED headlight, brake light at the back, and turn signals.

Should You Buy YUME M10?

The YUME M10 is one of those products that is neither too expensive nor among those vehicles that compromise on quality. The company has maintained the same quality it is well-known for, especially considering the suspension system, braking system, and power mechanism.

The shape and build are both durable and traditional. It has sufficient lighting to keep you safe while traveling in the dark. This means it is viable for all those users who travel at night. Inter-city traveling is not an ideal usage. However, you can use this electric scooter for repetitive trips to nearby places.

The YUME M10 is not an ordinary vehicle as it comes with a simple yet solid set of performance stats. The speed and distance reach the 72 kilometers mark with ease.

Traveling at such a formidable speed, the company has integrated a hydraulic braking system to keep it safe. The hydraulic suspension system makes this electric scooter suitable for bumpy roads and uneven surfaces. The potholes will never slow you down.

Overall, the YUME M10 Electric Scooter is loved by all kinds of customers since it has all the attributes of a perfect vehicle that balances features and price.

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