Yume Hawk Electric Scooter

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is an upgraded version of the M10 Electric Scooter. The manufacturer has retained the same features from the M10 Electric Scooter and merged it with advanced technology.

When I searched for it online, it looked like a comparatively lightweight vehicle for casual use. The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is considered a mid-range vehicle for casual use. However, you cannot judge it from mere specs on the website.

This is where I come in. I ordered the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter to give a detailed review of the features. The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter has 10-inch tires, a secure electronic braking system, a stable shock absorption system, and a good handlebar.

However, we learned this from the official website’s product description. The real value that you receive and the shortcomings will be discussed in this article.

Yume Hawk Electric Scooter

Affordable price

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is a mid-range vehicle that does not cost you much. It is available online for 1799 dollars. Yume has launched this scooter for students and people with a low budget.

Unlike other affordable products, the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter did not compromise on quality. Any vehicle promising hydraulic shock absorption, durable build, electronic brakes, digital & real-time monitoring, and aesthetics at under 2000 dollars is value-adding.

What’s inside the box?

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter has almost everything you need on off-road journeys. I found the following things in my package:

  1. The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter
  2. The bag and toolkit to carry the essentials on long trips
  3. A user manual for easy assembly and usage
  4. A couple of NFC keys for easy unlocking
  5. Light remote to adjust lights
  6. A backup index finger throttle
  7. A dampener to ensure handlebar stability
  8. A couple of rear-view mirrors for added safety
  9. A couple of 2-ampere chargers to enable faster charging
  10. A tire pump

I would have liked a seat, but you must purchase it separately online. Furthermore, it was disappointing not to find a smartphone holder in the package. Apart from these, other essentials are enough for a comfortable journey.


  1. Durable and lightweight body frame.
  2. Sufficient lighting for night traveling.
  3. Electronic brake system so immediate halt.
  4. NFC system for easy locking and unlocking.
  5. Foldable frame and side stand for easy parking.
  6. Affordable price for students.


  1. Shock absorption could have been better.
  2. Absence of anti-lock braking mechanism.
  3. No seat or smartphone holder in the package.
  4. Underperforms on off-road trips and is not preferred for long journeys.
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Light but durable build

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is not built differently. The body is a durable aluminum frame that does not catch rust or corrode. The stem is thinner than other heavy-duty models to keep it lighter.

The 35-kilogram weight was easy for me to carry around my house. The overall dimensions are 1300 mm x 720 mm x 1400 mm. The 720 millimeters in the dimensions reflect the rigid handlebar. The handlebar is connected to the 90 mm aluminum stem.

The manufacturer has installed rubber dampening sleeves to mitigate the vibration while traveling at high speed. The metallic base can support weights up to 126 kilograms so that you can travel with your bags and groceries.

I tested the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter by loading it with 100 kilograms. The base did not deform, and the speed & slope climbing strength was reduced. This scooter is foldable so you can park it anywhere inside your house. Read Yume X11+ Review.

When the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is folded, the dimensions are 1300 mm x 220 mm x 550 mm. It has a side stand, so public parking is not something to worry about. All the components have IP 54 rating water resistance. I will not recommend driving it in heavy rain as the electric components might malfunction. The mudguard will save you from getting dirty on wet off-road turfs.

Mid-range motor

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is not the most powerful vehicle in the Yume product line. It contains a couple of 1200-watt batteries at the front and rear.

The hall sensor in the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter helps adapt according to the condition and speed. I liked the overall motor performance considering 2400-watt power. The speed is impressive in this power range, but I still feel it is insufficient.

The motors are waterproof to avoid the chances of electric malfunction. The sine wave 27-ampere max current controller is ideal for producing impressive torque and maintaining a constant cruise speed. I have explained the performance in the following heading.

Satisfactory performance

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter outperforms all other vehicles in the same price range. The company claims this scooter has 43 miles-per-hour speed and 43 miles distance range.

The said performance stats are achievable when driving in ideal testing conditions. However, I could not exceed 35 miles per hour when traveling with the 100-kilogram weight.  Even the distance range lasted beyond 30 miles on the off-road tracks.

Battery with BMS and dual charging

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter operates on an EV-grade battery with 21700 cells.  The battery produces 60 volts of output, and the total capacity is 22.5 Ah. I was initially impressed by the number of cells, but the capacity limits the performance.

My test drive lasted for around 28 miles with the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter. The company promises a 43 miles distance range. However, this scooter underperforms in harsh off-road conditions.

The manufacturer has retained its popular battery management system in the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter. You should not worry about the current overflow, short circuits, adverse climatic conditions, and abnormal discharge.

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter has dual charging ports that support 2-ampere input. The fast and dual charging ports are one of my favorite features of Yume scooters. They save a lot of time.

10-inch off-road tires

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is integrated with the same 10-inch tires from the original M10 Electric Scooter. The tires are tubeless to prevent tearing or bursting on harsh turfs.

I enjoyed my off-road trip on the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter, which kept me balanced. The tires are 3.15 inches wide and contain prominent patterns for a better road grip. I would have liked wider tires for more safety while turning.

Impressive braking system

The braking system installed in the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is a ZOOM hydraulic disc. The brakes are accompanied by 160-millimeter rotors that halt the scooter immediately.

A cooling fan is integrated to prevent the brakes from heating up upon application. The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter has an electronic brake system faster than mechanical substitutes. I expected an anti-lock brake system from Yume, but the rotor and EBS are also fine.

Adjustable hydraulic coil-shock suspension

The suspension system integrated into the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is not ideal. However, it is more reliable than most mid-range vehicles on the market. Both the front and rear tires have a long-length adjustable hydraulic coil-shock suspension. The name sounds technical, but the real technology is not.

The tires have a single long-length hydraulic piston to absorb the initial impact. The hydraulic piston is surrounded by a metallic coil (a spring) that helps dampen the shock. I liked the adjustability feature for more specific usage. You can tighten or loosen the coil by rotating a knob.

Rotate the knob clockwise to tighten the coil. A tight coil is ideal for a high-speed journey. It would be best if you loosened the coil for off-road trips. This provides you with much-needed flexibility.

The front shock absorber is C-shaped with added support from the adjustable hydraulic coil-shock suspension. From what I have experienced, a single hydraulic piston is not enough. Y

ou should have at least two hydraulic pistons on the front tire for off-road traveling. However, this suspension system is still an impressive feature in a mid-range electric scooter. The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter also includes a dampener to stabilize the handlebar.

Handlebar features

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter’s handlebar is as studded with features as other premium vehicles. The handlebar has a smart center-mounted display for easy monitoring. It is heat and water-resistant (IP 65 rating) to avoid the risk of malfunction.

The smart screen helped me monitor the real-time data. It shows the remaining battery life, real-time speed, average & maximum mileage, active riding mode, and trip timer.

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter has a rigid 720-millimeter handlebar connected to a 90-millimeter-long stem. Rubber sleeves dampen the vibration caused at high speeds. The throttle is operated using the index finger. Yume has integrated all its newly developed scooters with the NFC unlocking system.

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter contains a communication card system to let you easily access it. I connected the mobile app to my iPhone to check the interface. The mobile app interface is friendly, and you can monitor the history data.

Adequate lighting for night travel

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter has a single LED light in the front. I prefer scooters with multiple headlights because they have a wider sight angle. However, I liked the single aluminum shell LED light integrated into this scooter.

The aluminum shell reflects the light and focuses it on the road ahead. The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter front light has a long sight range.

The brake light and turn lights are identical to the preceding models. The turn signals are crucial while driving through city traffic. The stem and deck have LED strips. The color combination of these strips can be changed using the light remote.

I enjoyed using the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter at night because it felt safer than drivers could locate me through the LED lights. It has a horn which is an obvious feature for vehicles to have. The package includes several rear-view mirrors, so you should fix them for added security.


Who would have thought that Yume would upgrade the M10 Electric Scooter to introduce a value-adding but mid-range vehicle like the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter? This scooter is not a show stealer.

You will not find it as value-adding as other Yume scooters. Despite its limitations, this scooter is nothing less than a blessing in this price range.

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is not made for long off-road trips. If you are a wanderer, I suggest opting for a heavy-duty scooter. This scooter is made for routine usage. The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter is recommended for college students and delivery guys who want an economical traveling solution.

Before purchasing the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter, you should know its limitations. It is not a heavy-duty scooter. It will not feel as comfortable as other options due to its restrictive components.

However, the company has put much into bringing just the right features. The convenience is top-notch, and the parts are durable for a mid-range vehicle.

The Yume Hawk Electric Scooter will be a value-adding vehicle for those with routine traveling problems. You need to understand your needs. If your needs are similar to what I mentioned, go for it.

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