Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter Review: Hawk vs Hawk Pro: Is Hawk Pro better?

I have been a fan of Yume for the past few years. The company has established itself by developing some value-adding and heavy-duty vehicles.

Gone are the days when you had to think before traveling off-road because the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is now available on the market. It has the right features to keep you stable on a bumpy road and sustain physical adversities.

The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is one of the rarest vehicles with a powerful motor in the lower price bracket. I have driven many electric scooters to check their toughness.

Companies focus so much on features that they ignore budget-friendliness and economy. My first assessment while purchasing any product is to ascertain the value for money.

The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter looks like a cost-justifiable vehicle, so I purchased it for testing. I went to the highways and off-road locations to drive this electric scooter.

After successfully testing the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter, I have many things to say. This article explains all the important features and detailed aspects of this powerful scooter.

Yume Hawk vs. Yume Hawk Pro: Is Hawk Pro Better?

The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is far better than the Yume Hawk Electric Scooter. It has a better motor power of 6000 watts when compared to 2400 watts.

The motor power is a major difference because it increases the maximum speed and improves the slope climbing strength. The battery capacity is another improvement to look forward to.

The Yume Hawk Pro has a 30 Ah battery, while the Yume Hawk has just 22.5 Ah. This additional battery power increases the mileage. You get all these additional features and improvements for a minimal price increase. Yes, the price increase might be a couple hundred dollars, but it is worth it.

FeaturesYume HawkYume Hawk Pro
Motor2400-watt (dual)6000-watt (dual)
Speed43 miles per hour50 miles per hour
Battery60 volt, 22.5 ampere-hours60 volts, 30 ampere-hours
Mileage43 miles60 miles
BrakesHydraulic disc brakesHydraulic disc brakes
Tire diameter10 inches10 inches
Suspension systemAdjustable hydraulic spring coilAdjustable hydraulic spring coil
LCD screenCenter mountedCenter mounted
Body lightsStem and deckStem and deck
HeadlightSingle LED with aluminum shellSingle LED with aluminum shell
Brake lightYesYes
Turn lightsYesYes
Dual throttleYesYes
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Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter Review

Cost-justifiable pricing

I purchased the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter online in 1949 dollars. The original price was 2199 dollars, but Yume has offered an 11-percent discount to benefit its customers. The price might feel like an extra burden on your budget, but it is not.

The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is a powerful device that few companies can sell for less than two grand. You can avail of the interest-free installment plan if you do not have enough funds to purchase.

What’s inside the box?

I received the following accessories in my Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter package:

  1. The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter,
  2. A Yume bag and a toolkit to carry the important stuff,
  3. A user manual for easy assembly and understandability of features,
  4. A couple of NFC keys for easy locking and unlocking,
  5. A light remote to change the color and pattern of lighting,
  6. A mobile phone holder to fix your cell to the handlebar,
  7. An extra index finger throttle,
  8. A couple of rearview mirrors,
  9. A dampener to keep the handlebar stable,
  10. Dual 2-ampere chargers, and
  11. A tire pump

Decent physical built

The first thing that caught my attention while unboxing the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter was the decent aluminum frame. Aluminum is a durable material that Yume uses in most of its products.

The sturdy frame can beat 126 kilograms of weight. I loaded 100 kilograms on my Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter when I tested it for the first time. It sustained the load without a dent or evident deformation.

The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is 1390 millimeters long, 240 millimeters wide, and 1380 millimeters high. You can fold it to make it accommodate less space in your house. When folded, this vehicle goes from 1380 millimeters to 600 millimeters. The deck is wide enough to let you stand comfortably.

It is 22 inches long and 7 inches wide. I liked that the company used silicone padding instead of ordinary taping on the deck. Silicone effectively absorbs the shocks and vibrations encountered on a bumpy road.

The handlebar is placed at a comfortable height. You can check the ride status on a center-mounted screen. The deck and stem have LED lights like any premium electric scooter. The components have IP54 water resistance, which is not ideal for heavy rain but can resist a light shower.

I could easily carry the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter when folded because it weighs just 40 kilograms. This scooter has a kickstand for easy parking and a mudguard for a clean drive.

Powerful motor to drive fast

The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter houses a powerful motor that outperforms competitors. It has dual motors, each with a power of 3000 watts. I never found a 6000-watt electric scooter with so many features for less than 2 thousand dollars.

The motor has a hall sensor to adjust wheel rotation according to the road condition and speed. Yume has installed 35A sine wave controllers in this scooter to utilize the motor power effectively.

These controllers have six pipes for better heat dissipation and are more compact than the older models. The acceleration of the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter felt smooth when I drove it. The best evidence of the motor’s strength is the maximum speed of 50 miles per hour.

Capable battery and dual charging

The battery installed inside the deck of the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is a Samsung 50e that contains 21700 cells. Samsung is a reputable brand that produces batteries with safety precautions and no substandard performance. The battery is 60-volt and produces 30-ampere hours of electric charge.

I drove my Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter for 57 miles when the battery was consumed entirely. These results confirm the claims of 60 miles range, as I test-drove on sloppy off-road surfaces (consuming more battery and motor power).

This scooter has a dual charging mechanism allowing you to charge it in six to seven hours. Such a long charging time is acceptable for a 21700-cell battery.

10-inch tubeless tires

The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter has 10-inch tires with a width of 4.5 inches. These tires are tubeless to prevent them from bursting on rough surfaces. My test drive on the off-road track was smooth and stable.

The tires were wide enough to maintain the balance. Moreover, the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter has an improved tread pattern for better traction. I approve of driving this scooter on wet surfaces, and it will not slip.

Hydraulic disc brakes

The hydraulic disc brake system installed in the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is one of the most reliable components. The hydraulic discs are effective for an instant halt. Moreover, the 160-millimeter rotor helps boost the braking efficiency of this vehicle.

A cooling pad is integrated to prevent the brakes from heating due to friction. I would have liked the anti-lock brake system to ensure better safety, but you do not get everything in this price range.

Adjustable hydraulic spring coil suspension

The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is integrated with a hydraulic spring suspension on each tire. The hydraulic suspension effectively mitigates the initial impact on bumpy surfaces.

The spring coil further dampens the shocks by reacting in time. You can adjust the tightness on the spring coil by screwing the nut beside the suspension.

I tightened the coil on the highway and loosened it for an off-road trip. The suspension system was as smooth as silk. My off-road and on-road journey was comfortable and stable.

The company also provides a dampener in the package to prevent the handlebar from vibrating. However, I would have loved at least a few hydraulic suspensions at the front tire to share the load.

Sufficient lights and remote controllability

The company has installed sufficient lights in the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter. An LED light is installed in the front with an aluminum shell. The aluminum shell helps concentrate light on the road.

The sight range is pretty impressive as well. I drove my Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter in the evening. The LED lights on the stem and deck felt very safe.

It is nice to know that people are noticing you, and you do not need to press the horn to make yourself visible. The package has a remote control to let you change the colors and pattern of the LED lights.

The brake light on the back and the pair of turn signals keep you safe driving in city traffic. A horn button is installed on the handlebar to clear your path.

Comfortable handlebar with necessary features

The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter has many functions and accessories on the handlebar. I liked the prominent LCD screen in the center. It is visible and easy to access. It shows ride modes, battery information, and other important stats to let you drive conveniently.

The screen has overheat protection, dustproof functionality, and IP65 rating water resistance (better than other components). The two-key NFC locking and unlocking mechanism is very convenient to use. My Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter required no time or effort to unlock.

You can use the Android or iOS mobile app to lock-unlock or monitor your scooter. You will find an advanced dual throttle on the right side of the handlebar. You can push it with your thumb or your index finger to accelerate.


  1. The frame is durable enough to carry a heavy load.
  2. The motor strength is second to none in this price range.
  3. The suspension system is adjustable according to the road condition.
  4. The tires have better patterns for firm traction.
  5. The LCD screen is prominent and contains detailed stats for better handling.
  6. The NFC system makes locking and unlocking easy.
  7. Sufficient lighting to keep you safe on the road.


  1. It does not have an anti-lock brake system for added safety.
  2. The water resistance of the electric components is insufficient for rainy weather.
  3. The price can be a problem for students and lower-class laborers.


The Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is one of the most heavy-duty vehicles you can purchase for less than 2000 dollars. I loved the power offered by Yume.

My test drive lasted around 57 miles when the battery ended. During the drive, I could touch 50 miles per hour on the highways and 40-45 miles per hour on sloppy off-road surfaces.

The company installed a high-capacity battery that allowed me to travel without malfunctioning. The tires and suspension system were smooth. I did not fall or experience a rough landing on a bumpy road.

I generally find flaws in most electric vehicles, as companies leave some intentional loopholes to keep the price low or make people want an improved version. However, the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is a solid contender for being the perfect vehicle.

There are some small shortcomings that you must know before purchasing this electric scooter. The company did not install an anti-lock brake system; the water resistance is low for all weathers.

Despite having these small flaws, the Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter is worth purchasing. I rate it above any other product in the same price range.

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