Senada Bikes – All Senada Bikes Reviewed

Senada has offered a variety of e-bikes since its inception, and we can witness how the bike industry has evolved with time. In recent years, electric bicycles have gained popularity as they permit people to ride without paddling, like the idea of riding an old-fashioned bicycle.

As the idea evolved, riders’ preferences changed. Now, riders prefer a more sophisticated e-bike with longer battery life and a powerful motor, so they don’t have to pedal as hard to climb steep areas and rough surfaces.

In this article, we will be talking about the e-bikes that are manufactured by Senada and also discuss what you should consider while purchasing an electric bike.

Senada Bikes Reviews – All Senada Bikes Reviewed

Senada Saber

senada saber review

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Saber is a solid e-bike manufactured by a renowned company named Senada. The bike has a 15-amp battery that charges in 4 to 6 hours and takes 28 to 50 miles after fully charging. The Senada Saber has mechanical disc brakes, not hydraulic ones, and front shocks.

The bike also has an LCD, so you monitor speed while you ride, and it is visible even in daylight. If you like to ride off-roading or through terrains, this bike will never disappoint you as it has a 1000-watt powerful motor that enables you to ride on all surfaces. Senada Saber e-bike is priced at $1,299 and available in all black, black, blue, black, red, and red and white colors.


  • 15Amp Large lithium-ion Battery
  • Best off-road tires
  • Adjustable suspension
  • 1000watt powerful motor
  • LCD to monitor speed


  • Not fully waterproof
  • The bike is heavy to paddle

Senada Roamer

senada roamer review

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Senada Roamer is another uniquely designed e-bike manufactured by Senada. The most notable feature of this bike is that it is foldable, which adds to its portability, so you don’t have to spare extra room for it while traveling. You can take the bike where you want to ride it and unfold it upon arrival to take a ride on the trails.

The bike has a 1000-watt battery that allows you to ride on steep, rough surfaces. Senada Roamer has dual suspension and mechanical brakes, making the ride more stable, smoother, and safer. It has a 10-amp battery that will take 19 to 31 miles after a full charge. The Senada foldable Romer bike is available for $1,159 and can be purchased through Senada’s official site.


  • Foldable, which adds Portability
  • 1000watt powerful motor
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Dual Suspension


  • Heavy without motor support
  • The battery can be improved (10amp)

Senada Drifter

senada drifter review

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The Senada Drifter has maintained a place as a leading seller for years. It is considered the premier bike for riding on all surfaces, including trails, beaches, and steep and snowy surfaces.

This powerful e-bike has a 750-watt motor and a powerful 12-amp battery that gets fully charged in 4 to 6 hours. Once fully charged, it can travel up to 31 to 40 miles. Senada Drifter is a strong bike, and its strong build ensures durability and comfort, so you can ride the bike for a longer period.


  • 15Amp Large lithium-ion Battery
  • Big fat tires
  • Adjustable suspension
  • 750watt motor
  • LCD to monitor speed


  • The battery could’ve been improved
  • Gets heavier without motor support

Senada Herald

senada herald review

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Herald is a piece of art and a solid e-bike made by Senada that is quite popular among bikers. The bike has a powerful 1000-watt motor, making it suitable for all terrains. Herald has a 15-amp battery, allowing you to travel 28 to 50 miles per charge.

If you regularly ride at night, you will not have visibility issues. This is because the bike has a bright headlight to allow you to do so. Additionally, it has Shimano gearing, and you can shift between gears smoothly and raise the bike’s speed as per your comfort. The Senada Herald is a very sophisticated bike. It can be purchased by visiting the Senada store or placing an order online, which costs $1,499.


  • 1000watt powerful motor
  • Best for off-roading
  • 15amp battery, which lasts longer
  • Bright headlight for riding at night


  • Poor Water Resistance
  • Hard to pedal without motor support

Senada Archon Pro

senada archon pro reviews

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Senada Archon Pro is a 1000-watt fat tire mountain bike, and it comes with a rear rack with a 330-pound payload capacity so you can ride the bike and haul some cargo. Senada Archon Pro is 21-speed, ideal as it is designed especially for off-roading and rough trails.

The stand-over height of the bike is 31 inches which means this bike is best suited for taller; the seat is also adjustable so that you can adjust it according to your height. Another feature of this bike is its fully adjustable front aluminum suspension which is best for off-roading and ensures comfort and stability.

Sedan Archon Pro also has a bright LCD through which you can see the speed and gears, and it is very easy to read even in sunlight. Additionally, the bike has a 15-amp battery that has the potential to take you 33 to 42 miles per charge. Senada Archon Pro has pretty good reviews in the bike industry and is priced at $1,499.


  • 1000watt powerful motor
  • Suitable for rough surfaces
  • 15amp battery, which lasts longer
  • Bright headlight for riding at night


  • Poor Water Resistance
  • It gets heavier without motor support

Senada Archon

senada archon pro review

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Many riders go through the neighborhood and occasionally ride mountain trails on Senada Archon. The bike has a 1000-watt motor that gives it the power to climb hills, ride down trails, and on all kinds of surfaces. Senada Archon has a 13-amp lithium-ion battery that charges within 4 to 6 hours, and once it gets fully charged, you can travel up to 28 to 37 miles.

The bike has an adjustable fork lock suspension, and while riding on a plain surface, it should be locked, and if you are off-roading, it should be unlocked for off-roading. The Senada Archon is $1,459; you can purchase the bike from physical and online Senada stores.


  • 1000watt motor
  • All-terrain bike
  • 13amp battery
  • Fork lock Suspension
  • Bright headlight


  • A bit overpriced

Senada Aquila

senada aquila review

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Senada Aquila is a 6-speed bike, and you will enjoy riding it in the city and slightly steeper areas. Still, if you want to purchase a robust bike that can run smoothly on extreme trails, you should consider other Senada bikes. The Senada Aquila has a 500-watt motor that gets the job done but will not be as smooth and stable on rough trails as other Senada bikes.

Moreover, the bike has a 10.4amp battery that will get charged in 4 to 6 hours and take you quite some miles after it is fully charged. Senada Aquila has mechanical disc brakes and is recommended for riders aged 5’3 to 6’7. The price for this bike is $1,399, which seems relatively high if we compare it with other Senada bikes packed with features.


  • 500watt motor
  • Suitable for all kinds of surfaces
  • 15amp battery, which lasts longer
  • Bright headlight for riding at night


  • 10.4amp battery
  • Overpriced

Things To Consider While Buying A Good Senada E-Bike?


The first thing you need to look for in an electric bike is the battery which is the heart of an electric bike. If you want to purchase an electric bike, it means that you want to paddle a little and use the throttle more. That would be possible if your bike had a massive and high-end battery.

The best on the market are lithium-ion batteries with a long life. Usually, the batteries get charged within 5 to 6 hours and can travel up to 50 miles per charge. We suggest always going for a bike with a replaceable high-end battery and a warranty of at least a year or two.


Brakes are vital to any bike, motorcycle, or vehicle ride. A ride with a sophisticated braking system is safe for the rider and reduces the risk of accidents. Anti-lock brakes are the best on the market.

However, most e-bikes have disc brakes that work pretty well. Additionally, if you are going down a trail with your e-bike, brakes give you more control over sharp turns and immediate bumps.

Tires and suspension

Secondly, you should always look for an electric bike with wider, bigger tires and an adequate suspension system. Both features are essential for a bike to ensure stability, comfort, and a smooth ride. If the bike has a wide textured tire, it would have a better grip and smooth ride.

Additionally, wider and bigger tires are anti-slip and won’t get stuck in mud, sand, or snow, adding to the rider’s safety. On the other hand, dual suspension is a must if you purchase a bike for off-roading and extreme trail rides.


As we talk about stability and comfort, we should also consider mentioning another thing that enhances the bike’s overall performance: the motor. To purchase an e-bike, you should look for a bike with powerful motors to easily climb steep hills and rough surfaces.

Water resistance

If you purchase an electric bike, ensure it has a defense against water and splashes. A strong water and splash resistance system will keep your electrical components safe and avoid moisture so you can ride your bike in the rain, mud, and soft snow.

Build and weight

You should also consider a strongly built bike is ensuring durability and life. The bike should be manufactured with high-quality materials. The bike should have a manageable weight because it will make it difficult for you to take it with you; it should have an average weight.


Your bike should also have bright lights, and you will be fine with visibility. If you ride at night, you will need bigger and brighter lights, so always consider lights before buying an electric bike.


Several brands manufacture e-bikes, but you have to research brands that have been in the industry for years and have a good reputation.


Another thing is maintenance, so you should always purchase an e-bike that is easy to maintain.


Another thing to consider is the warranty. As we know, e-bikes are expensive, so always purchase a bike with a warranty. It helps that if the bike comes damaged, you can get it repaired for free by claiming the guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ride an electric bike without pedaling?

One of the best features of an electric bike is that it allows you to travel by pedaling as you do on traditional bikes.

Does an e-bike charge when you pedal?

Most e-bikes available on the market, including Senada, don’t get charged when you pedal. They have a lithium-ion battery that needs to be plugged in to charge.

How far can an e-bike go once it is fully charged?

It depends upon the battery size of a battery. The bigger the battery, the longer the ride. However, generally, a bike with a 15-amp battery can take up to 50 miles per charge.

Can you carry an e-bike in a car with you?

A few e-bikes are foldable and can fit in your car’s passenger seat or trunk.

Is there any law for wearing a helmet while riding on an e-bike?

Since e-bikes differ from motorcycles and other vehicles, no such laws exist. However, for your safety, you should wear a helmet.

Final Verdict

Senada Electric bikes are uniquely designed and packed with tons of features that a bike must have. The company has been on the market for years and has specialized in manufacturing premium-quality e-bikes. The bikes we have discussed in this article are quite popular among riders and are widely used by the majority.

Senada has various bikes with strong builds suitable for riders of different weights and heights. These bikes have powerful motors and wide tires, ensuring smooth and stable rides on all surfaces. Senada bikes could be great if you want a durable and stable bike.

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