Best Electric Scooter for Winter

It gets difficult in the harsh cold weather if you don’t have the right electric scooter. You will have to research to get a perfect electric scooter for the winter season, and there are several things you have to consider in a scooter, like lights, batteries, tires, and build.

The best electric scooters for the winter season are the ones that have adequate lights, a strong braking system, is highly water resistant, and have high-quality batteries.

Several companies manufacture high-end scooters that are best for the winter season. However, we will discuss a company named Yume that has many variants of Electric scooters with different designs and prices.

Best Electric Scooter for Winter

Yume X13 Electric Scooter: Best For Winter

yume x13 electric scooter for winter
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Yume X13 can be an excellent choice for the winter season. The scooter has a premium build quality with good durability and comfort. Yume X13 offers tons of unique features that make the scooter one of a kind.

The scooter is quite popular among youngsters and people as they prefer scooters that are smaller in size, are strongly built, and could be taken anywhere while traveling.

Additionally, most scooter lovers prefer Yume X13 because of the shock-absorbing technology and aesthetical beauty. The body is made of high-end aluminum, whereas the deck is designed to keep people of all sizes and weights in mind.

The wheels of the Yume X13 electric scooter have a 13-inch-long diameter which is quite a big size, and due to bigger tires, the scooter has better road grip whether you are on plain, rocky, or hard snow surfaces. Check Yume X13 Review.

Yume X13 is a battery-operated scooter with 72 volts battery that allows you to travel 110 kilometers after being fully charged. The usage time is enough if you have to travel to your office or school within a 110 km range.

Yume X13 electric scooter also has battery protection features. You don’t have to worry about short circuits, overheating or overcharging, or other issues in electric scooters or battery-operated devices. The Yume Y11 is available at $2,999.


  • Built with a strong Aluminum frame
  • A unique manufacturing designs
  • Easily foldable
  • Bright lights for safe night traveling
  • Big size frame, deck, and tires
  • Smooth suspension.


  • The scooter is quite heavy
  • The battery contains Chinese cells
  • Poor water resistance

Yume M11 Electric Scooter: Best for Snow

yume m11 electric scooter for winter
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Yume m11 is one of the fastest scooters in the market and is considered the best electric scooter for winter. Yume m11 comes with dual motors ensuring a smooth ride in the winter season. Check Yume M11 Review.

It has quite a unique suspension system, and just like other Yume scooters, this one also comes with a dual suspension that ensures the rider’s safety and comfort. The scooter also has wide-patterned tires that provide a strong grip making the scooter suitable for riding in the winter season.

The scooter comes with a 35Ah battery that will take up to 60 miles with a speed of 55 miles per hour. However, the Yume m11h version has a more powerful 72Ah battery that guarantees 75 miles. The Yume Y11 is available at $2,499.


  • It has a solid built
  • The scooter has wide tires that have a stronger grip
  • The scooter is foldable
  • The scooter is water resistant splashproof proof
  • Yume m11 is quite powerful, so you don’t need to worry about steep ways


  • The scooter is huge and heavy. It weights over 50 kilograms
  • The rare fender sometimes makes a sound if you hit a bump

Yume X11 Electric Scooter: Best for Winter

yume x11 electric scooter for winter
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Yume X11 is another electric scooter that might be a good choice for winter. The scooter comes with a 60-volt 30-amp battery and 2100-watt hours. It has dual 2500-watt motors, 11-inch-wide tires, and an adequate water resistance system that makes it perfect for winter.

The 11-inch-wide tires also enhance the off-roading experience. The scooter has a unique design and is folded so you can put it in the trunk of your car and take it with you while traveling. Check Yume X11 Review.

The scooter has two types of suspensions, the front has an air suspension system, and the rear has spring suspension, which adds to the comfort while riding. The Yume Y11 sits at $1,999.


  • Smooth and Speedy ride
  • Stable Scooter
  • Adequate water resistance ability
  • Big tires, perfect for off-roading and for the winter season
  • Has more torque than most of the scooters on the market
  • Dual Suspension
  • Does not wobble while speeding


  • Heavy Ride
  • The wheel could be bigger for a perfect grip

Yume Y10 Electric Scooter: Best for Snow

yume y10 electric scooter for winter
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Yume Y10 is one of the most popular electric scooters that comes reasonably priced and performs well in the winter season. It offers a dual 1200-watt motor, motorcycle hydraulic suspension, turn signal indicators, and hybrid off-road tires with an impressive price point. Check Yume Y10 Review.

The Yume Y10 comes with a dual suspension. The front suspension is dual hydraulic, while the rear is spring suspension. Due to the hydraulic braking system, you will have more control over the scooter, adding to your safety and making it a perfect choice for winter. The Yume Y11 can be purchased from the site for $1,499.


  • Dual motors
  • Off-road tires that are also suitable for riding in snow
  • Water Resistant


  • Wobbles while riding at high speed
  • The scooter has a traditional design

Yume Y11 Electric Scooter: Best for Winter

yume y11 electric scooter for winter
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The Yume Y11 electric scooter has mixed opinions among some experts for the winter season. The scooter looks solid, is heavier, and has wide wheels, which seem perfect for winter but are not fully water or splash-resistant. Check Yume Y11 Review.

The scooter also has functional tail lights, LED stand lights, and an acrylic deck with LED strips installed. The Yume Y11 is a super stable scooter that can be folded to take it wherever you go. Additionally, the scooter is suitable for heavy riders as well. It supports up to 150 kilograms or 330 pounds. The Yume Y11 sits at $1,699.


  • Suitable for Heavy riders
  • Stable and Sturdy
  • Foldable


  • Not fully waterproof

Yume X7 Electric Scooter: Best for Winter

yume x7 electric scooter for winter
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The Yume X7 has quite a sophisticated design, just like Yume’s other manufactured scooters, but it does not qualify for winter. Although it has good lighting for riding at night, it is not fully water resistant and can cause severe damage to the battery and other components.

It comes with a 60V 50Ah to 3000Wh battery and will get fully charged in 8 to 10 hours. After fully charging, it can travel 96 kilometers and up to 55 miles per hour.

The Yume X7 weighs about 55 kg and can carry a weight of up to 150 kg. The deck of the Yume X7 is gigantic so you would have plenty of space for your feet. Check Yume X7 Review.

Also, it has adequate lighting for night riding, so you will not have any visibility issues. Plus, the light settings can be adjusted with the remote which comes with it. The Yume X7 sits for $2,799.


  • Super suspension
  • Good range
  • A generally safe e-scooter
  • Sturdy enough.


  • Not fully waterproof

Things to consider before buying a good electric scooter for Winter

If you are planning to buy a new scooter that is more compatible with the cold weather or snow, then there are a few things you should consider before buying a scooter that is perfect for winter.

Water Resistance

You should first consider finding a scooter that is highly water resistant. If you are riding a traditional electric scooter in the snow, it might get snow in its components, like batteries, resulting in a struggle for you.


If you want to ride a scooter in the winter season, then the traditional solid tires might make it difficult for you to get a smooth ride, and there will be a risk that the scooter might slip.

You should look for a scooter with pneumatic tires, also known as air-filled tube-type tires. Additionally, the tires must be wider, bigger, and patterned so they won’t get stuck in snow or slip in hard snow, giving the scooter a solid grip and saving you from falling.


Another feature you should see before buying a scooter for winter is to look for one with dual motors, which will aid in more power and better control over slippery surfaces.


Breaks play a very important role for a scooter, and especially in the winter season, they are to be used the most as you will be driving on hard snow surfaces. The best scooter for winter should have an anti-lock braking system ABS which will prevent your scooter from slipping, as is the case with traditional breaks.

High-End Battery

Before buying a scooter for winter, always ask the manufacturer what batteries are used. Lithium-ion batteries are the best choice for the winter season, but they still need extra care. Try not to overcharge the batteries, and don’t ride the scooter if it is not fully charged.

Build Quality

Whenever you consider buying an electric scooter for winter, always make sure it is built with solid materials that are of high quality and make it heavy. If the scooter is of lighter weight, there is a chance that it might slip on a solid and wet surface. Always go for the heavy scooter to ensure stability and a stronger grip.


You should also consider the bigger and brighter lights to get clear visibility as most of the region’s days are short and you must drive in the dark. Additionally, there is always Fog on the street which makes it difficult for the rider to see, so if the lights scooter has adequate lights, you can drive safely in harsh weather conditions.


Another thing to consider while buying an electric scooter is its range. If you purchase a motorcycle or a car, you look for good mileage. The same in electric scooters. You will have to look for a scooter that offers a good range.

Most electric scooters that sit at an average to high price range offer between 70 to 200 kilometers on a single charge. So always research which of the electric scooters offer a better range.

Charge Time

Now, as we talk about the range, we must consider the charge time and how much time the scooter takes to charge fully. Usually, the Yume electric scooters take 6 to 10 hours to charge fully.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important factor in electric scooters. However, there are a few scooters in the market whose batteries can be replaced. The main flaw of electric scooters is that their batteries drain over time.

So, always check for the battery life guaranteed by the manufacturer. If you find a scooter with a lithium-ion battery, go for it, as they are the best batteries. Furthermore, most of the electric scooter manufacturers offer 3 to 5 years of battery life/


Another thing that you should consider is the Brand (manufacturer) that is selling the electric scooter. Brands that are well-reputed and are known for premium quality and durability should be considered as they are known by many and will never risk their reputation by selling a low-quality product.


Always go for a scooter that can be maintained easily, and you won’t struggle to find its parts and components. Make sure you purchase a scooter that is easily maintainable.


Warranty plays a vital role when you purchase an expensive product, so its warranty could be claimed if it needs repairing or comes damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does cold affect electric scooters?

Most scooters have an aluminum frame that isn’t affected by cold weather. However, the batteries used in electric scooters can get damaged.

Can electric scooters be used in the snow?

There are a lot of scooters that are designed for off-roading and can perform smoothly on all kinds of surfaces, including snow. These scooters have wide tires, powerful dual motors, and are water resistant so that you can ride these scooters in the snow as well.

Can electric scooters overheat?

Yes, electric scooters can get heated when they are not appropriately charged or the battery is about to end.

Can I leave the electric scooter outside in winter?

It is advised to keep the scooters in a warm and dry place in winter to prevent freezing, but if you park it outside, then cover the battery with a blanket or something heavy.

Which batteries are used in electric scooters?

Most scooters have lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries that must be taken care of, especially when the temperature falls to 0 degrees Celsius.

Is an electric scooter better than a fuel scooter?

Electric scooters are designed to travel close distances and have less range than fuel scooters, but electric scooters are easy to charge and can save you fuel money. Plus, electric scooters can be charged set anywhere.


Yume Electric scooters could be a good choice if you are looking for a scooter made with premium quality materials, is safer to ride, is durable, comfortable, powerful, and allows you to ride in winter. However, Yume has several different models that are available at different prices.

Yume is a popular scooter manufacturer and sells some scooters that would be an excellent choice for winter. However, some scooters are unsuitable for winter as they don’t have the necessary features for a winter-compatible scooter.

Overall, the company manufactures the best quality scooters used by many professionals around the globe and has pretty good reviews.

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