Best Electric Scooter For Food Delivery

Adults in the USA generally prefer independence over restrictions from their parents. Demographic stats from various sources show that many teens are joining the food industry as waiters, delivery guys, or part-time workers.

While other jobs do not demand much initially, food delivery requires a bike, electric scooter, or other vehicles. Understanding what the larger substrata of the US population require, we have compiled various electric scooter models that will serve your cause.

Electric scooter brands like Hiboy, Yumeway, and TurboAnt manufacture high-end, simple-to-use electric scooters. The use of an electric scooter not only benefits the user but also reduces the carbon footprint.

Moreover, the proportion of features each scooter model provides differs from other contemporary. While some provide budget-friendly prices, others focus on better motor power and efficient performance.

In this article, we will name all those options for investing your hard-earned money. We prioritize making our readers understand each feature and letting them choose the best scooter.

Best Electric Scooter For Food Delivery Service

Yume X13 Scooter

yume x13 food delivery electric scooter
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Let us start with the most high-end and expensive scooter on our list. The performance is never an issue with this heavy-duty vehicle with four dual motors of 4000 watts each. It hits the 101 km/h hour mark when loaded with average weight.

The battery is not an issue because it provides 110 km mileage in one complete charge. It takes around 5-6 hours to charge, which is impressive, given the mileage it gives.

Great speed and longer mileage allow you to deliver packages to far-off places, and that too in minimal time. Furthermore, the durable frame can bear a load of up to 150 kg, which is suitable for carrying heavy orders to various locations.

Besides this, the 13 inches wide tires would ensure you do not fall over. A couple of hydraulic suspensions are integrated at the front, while the traditional spring suspensions ensure that the back of the Yume X13 Scooter is secure.

These excellent shock absorbers provide better stability while traveling on uneven roads. The lighting is great to work at night as you would find a couple of U7 LED lights accompanied by the main headlight at the front. The rear light and the indicators also add to the safety.

You can monitor all the stats on the LED screen in the middle of the handlebar. While others can look at you in awe since the acrylic lights illuminate the scooter. The official website says the Yume X13 is available at 3099 dollars. Check out YUME X13 Review.


  • The speed is exemplarily fast.
  • The range is second to none.
  • It can bear the heaviest of weights.
  • The wheel is wide for stability.
  • It has dual motors with 8000 wattages.
  • A display is installed to monitor progress.
  • The lighting is excellent, with the full-frame glowing as well.
  • Hydraulic brakes with hydraulic suspension.


  • The price is high.
  • The battery takes six long hours to charge.
  • Water resistance could have been better.

Yume X11 Electric Scooter

yume x11 food delivery electric scooter
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Where the Yume X13 costs over 3000 dollars, the Yume X11 (the older model) is sold at 1999 dollars on the official website. A lower price means less power. The Yume X11 Electric Scooter has dual motor support, where each motor possesses 2500 watts of power.

This allows it to reach a maximum of 81 km/h. The distance range is impressive, and the battery will enable it to run for 97 km. However, charging the battery might take 6 hours, so you must plan your power consumption smartly. The range and speed are ideal for food delivery as this scooter allows you to travel a long distance quickly.

The lighting is sufficient to let you deliver at night, as you would find a couple of angel lights at the front, below the main headlight. A brake light is installed on the back with two indicators.

The company has incorporated hydraulic brakes, identical to the Yume X13. Furthermore, the suspension system is almost flawless. A C-shaped absorber guards the front, while the back has dual spring shock absorbers. These safety features and the 11-inch ensure better stability and smoothness. Check out YUME X11 Review.


  • The speed is faster than most other models.
  • It has long mileage for far-off traveling.
  • The maximum loading range is impressive.
  • It contains dual motors with 5000-watt power.
  • The lighting is great as there are angel lights to aid at night.
  • The wheels are wide enough to enhance stability.


  • The C-shaped suspension is not as effective as the spring or hydraulic suspension.
  • The charging time is 6 hours which is long.
  • The screen could have been LED.

Yume D5 Scooter

yume d5 food delivery electric scooter
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Next on the price list is the Yume D5 Electric Scooter, an upgraded version of the Yume D4+ Electric Scooter. It costs 1369 dollars on the official online store. The price is low, but the quality has remained the same.

The performance of the Yume D5 is 64-64. The maximum speed you can reach is 64 km/h, which is impressive for dual motors of 1200 watts each. The maximum distance coverable is 64 km, so the battery performance is also not an issue.

However, the battery charging time is 5 hours on average which is an inherent problem in electric scooters. All these features will help you deliver intracity packages without any hustle. Considering the weights, the Yume D5 can bear a load of 120 kg. This stat is more than sufficient for riders of average weight.

Other than this, stability is never an issue as the tires are 10 inches wide, and the traditional spring suspensions do their job well. A set of quad springs at the front and a super spring at the back ensure your package or the food spoils do not fall. Hydraulic brakes are a necessary replication of what the other models offer for instant stoppage and control.

The LCD screen on the side of the handlebar is a convenient way of knowing all the relevant stats. Regarding night traveling, there is 1 LED headlight that serves sufficient illumination; however, there are no brake lights or indicators at the rear so safety might be an issue for inexperienced riders. Check out YUME D5 Review.


  • It is a great value for money.
  • Swift speed and solid mileage.
  • Dual motors with 2400 wattage.
  • It can bear weight up to 120 kg.
  • The 10 inches tires are great for stability.
  • The LED headlight is better than the Yume D4+.
  • It has good spring suspension for shock absorption.


  • There are no brake lights or indicators.
  • The display could have been LED.
  • There is no acrylic grip mat on the deck.

Hiboy KS4 Electric Scooter

hiboy ks4 food delivery electric scooter
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The Hiboy KS4 Pro Electric Scooter is an affordable vehicle that you can use for day-to-day work. The maximum speed is less impressive than the Yume models. The 30 km/h speed limit is insufficient to deliver food to the customers, so you must leave early.

Furthermore, the distance is sufficient as you get a mileage of 40 km in one complete. The charging time is 5 hours on average, so you must wait a bit before reusing the Hiboy KS4 Pro Electric Scooter.

The absence of a dual motor makes this scooter less efficient than other substitutes. The total power on offer is 500 watts. The lighting features are better than the power function. The Hiboy KS4 Pro Electric Scooter has a headlight and a rear brake light to keep you safe during night deliveries.

Moreover, the deck is eliminated to let the traffic see that you are traveling. The LED screen integrated into the middle of the handlebar is smart so that you can monitor it through an app. There is no front suspension available which makes it vulnerable to shocks.

A couple of spring suspensions at the rear are insufficient to neutralize the shocks. The hydraulic press is more effective than the braking system. The dual brakes, i.e., electric front brake and disc back brake, are sufficient to slow down and eventually stop the scooter.


  • The price is low.
  • The mileage is just sufficient.
  • The LED screen is smart with app support.
  • The tires are wide enough to ensure stability.
  • It can bear a load of 100 kg.
  • The charging time is not that long.
  • It has sufficient lights for night shifts.


  • The motor is single and feeble.
  • The suspension is insufficient.
  • It has no hydraulic brake.

Hiboy S2 Pro Scooter

hiboy s2 pro food delivery electric scooter
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The Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter is available for 650 dollars only. The maximum needs to be increased, to be very honest. 30 km/h is as slow as going through a traffic jam. The maximum distance range is not impressive, as the S4 Pro only goes up to 40 km in a single charging cycle.

The motor is single with a power of 500 watts, so you should expect little from it. The frame is durable, bearing a maximum weight of 118 kg.

Lighting is eye-catching and luminous, as the S2 Pro has a headlight and a brake light. The deck also has illumination, so another driver will have no problem knowing that a delivery guy is passing by. This safety feature is great for night shifts; however, there is no front suspension, so that part is vulnerable to shocks.

A couple of spring suspensions are installed at the back wheel to absorb shocks. The brake is dual with an electric front, and disc support is at the back. The charging time is unbearably long for just a 40 km range.

It takes around 6 hours on average to recharge. An LED is installed in the mid of the handlebar so that you can check all the relevant stats without much inconvenience.


  • The mileage is barely sufficient.
  • The maximum load capacity is admirable.
  • The wheels are stable and wide.
  • An LED is integrated to show all important stats.
  • The lighting is sufficient.


  • The top speed is slow.
  • The motor is single and feeble.
  • The suspension is insufficient.
  • The charging time is long.

Hiboy NEX5 Scooter

hiboy nex5 food delivery electric scooter
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Hiboy NEX5 Electric Scooter has the same price as the S4. The maximum speed is just 30 km/h, so you must consider that as you would get late sometimes. The maximum distance coverage is increased to 55 km, a welcome improvement.

A regular delivery guy would love this mileage enhancement at this price range. The motor, however, is more feeble than any other model on our list. There is no dual motor support, and the wattage is just 350.

Furthermore, maximum weight loading is reduced as you can load just 80 kg. We would not recommend this model to bulky adults above 70 kg.

Moreover, no front suspension is available, so the shock absorption is miserable. In our opinion, two spring suspensions are installed at the end tire, but that is insufficient. The tires are just 8.5 inches wide, which is insufficient.

Other than this, the braking system is not that great either. There is no hydraulic brake but a combination of electric and disc brakes. Apart from this, the charging time is impressive as it takes 4 to 5 hours to charge completely.

There is a headlight and a brake light to ensure safety during the night shift. The controls are simple to memorize, while the LED display is installed in the center of the handlebar. The LED is smart, so you can use a mobile app to monitor the stats.


  • It is affordable.
  • The mileage is better than other Hiboy models.
  • The LED display supports a mobile app.
  • There is a headlight and a brake light.
  • The charging time is not that long.


  • The maximum loading limit is miserable.
  • The motor is single and feeble.
  • The suspension is insufficient.
  • The tire is not that wide.

TurboAnt X7 Pro Electric Scooter

turboant x7 pro food delivery electric scooter
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TurboAnt X7 Pro Electric Scooter is one of the most affordable models on the internet. Interestingly, it has a top speed of 32 km/h at a hundred dollars less than the Hiboy contemporaries. The mileage is 48 km which is again better than similar products in the market. It allows the user to load up to 125 kg weight because the motor has a wattage 350.

The LED display in the handlebar is a stylish screen containing all necessary stats. It has simple yet sufficient lighting, including an LED headlight in front and a brake light at the back. There is no suspension which is the biggest disadvantage. However, the biggest plus is the detachable battery, so you can carry extra batteries when working.


  • The most affordable model on our list.
  • Great mileage and top speed at such a low price.
  • The maximum loading weight is impressive.
  • The LED is stylish and informative.
  • There is sufficient lighting.
  • The battery is detachable.


  • The motor is single and feeble.
  • There is no suspension.
  • There is no hydraulic brake.

Things To Consider While Buying A Good Electric Scooter for Food Delivery


Performance is the most important thing you should consider before purchasing a vehicle. For intra-city traveling, any distance above 40 km is more than enough. The speed also matters as you need to deliver orders on time. A scooter with a maximum speed above 50 km/h is sufficient, as the traffic does not allow you to travel at 100 km/h.


How can we ignore power while purchasing a vehicle? Traditional lubricant-powered vehicles had engine power which would define the overall efficiency. However, purchasing an electric scooter requires checking whether the power motor is sufficient.

We would suggest you prefer scooters with dual motors. A dual motor is necessary since your usage would be burdensome. Furthermore, the power of each motor would change depending on your budget. If money is not a problem, we recommend purchasing the models with 2000 watts of power. Lower-power motors might also work, but they compromise performance.

Battery life and charging time

A bigger and heavy-duty battery is always preferable. As we have discussed, you should invest in scooters with at least 40 km of the maximum distance range. However, battery consumption goes hand in hand with charging time.

It is an inherent problem that electric scooters take a long time to charge. You should find a model with dual charging ports and a recharge time below 5 hours. An important aspect to check before deciding is the distance-to-charging time ratio.

Certain batteries take longer to charge but provide a better range as well. Also, ensure the battery is resistant to water use during rainy weather.


Delivering food would require traveling at night. It would be more frequent if you had an evening shift. Since it is dark at night, you must have a proper headlight to show you the way. A brake light and a set of indicators at the rear add to the overall safety. Moreover, a hydraulic brake is necessary to halt the scooter in time.

Dual brakes also work fine with average weights. Also, shock-absorbing suspensions are critical since food delivery needs a smooth drive to the destination. Wider tires provide better grip and stability than thin tires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do food delivery with an electric scooter?

Of course, you can deliver anything on an electric scooter. Electric scooters are a better substitute for other expensive vehicles. The maintenance is low as compared to your delivery job salary. The size is smaller, so you can sneak through the traffic or park it inside your workplace.

Another thing is the eco-friendly operation where no smoke is produced. However, finding a suitable electric scooter for food delivery is hectic, especially when many specs and features are involved. It is a mini-motor bike that costs less and performs almost the same.

What makes an electric scooter good for delivery?

Several factors make an electric scooter suitable for food delivery. The first thing to consider is undoubtedly the power and performance. Higher speed and mileage are always preferred. Furthermore, the availability of dual motors is another crucial feature to have in your electric scooter.

Apart from this, LED controls and sufficient lighting are also among the important features. You should also check suspensions and braking systems to ensure safety. All these factors have already been discussed in the main article.

How Much Does An E-scooter For Food Delivery Cost?

It all depends on your budget. Electric scooters have been trending for over a decade now so that you will find numerous options on the internet.

The products we have mentioned on our list start from 550 dollars to 3099 dollars. You should define your budget and decide which electric scooter to purchase.

How To Choose The Right E-scooter For A Food Delivery Job?

Choosing the best electric scooter for food delivery is easy. First of all, you need to check the power and performance. Dual motors are given preference, especially because such scooters are efficient. Apart from this, you need to check the speed and mileage because this will allow you to plan your work routine effectively.

Other than this, the purchase-defining factor is the price. High-end devices normally provide the best proportion of features. These factors have been mentioned earlier in the article.

Which scooter is best for food delivery?

It all depends on your budget. If price is not a problem, you should go for the Yume X13 Electric Scooter. It has better power and performance specs than almost all other substitutes in the market. The Yume X11 and Yume D5 also provide solid value at a reasonable price, so you should opt for them if they are affordable.

These electric scooters have almost all the features of the Yume X13, but the numbers are compromised. If your budget is below a thousand dollars, we recommend purchasing the Hiboy and TurboAnt scooters mentioned on our list.

Why Do You Need An Electric Scooter For Food Delivery?

Electric scooters, as we have already mentioned, are growing in usage. The main reason behind recommending electric scooters for food delivery is the relatively lower cost than motorbikes and other high-end substitutes. Furthermore, electric power reduces carbon footprinting so that you would benefit the environment.

Besides this, its foldable design and easy-to-use controls make it a convenient mode of conveyance. You can also travel through narrow streets and even sneak through the traffic to deliver orders on time.

Where Do You Charge The Battery if it Runs Out?

An electric scooter can be charged anywhere. You can charge it at your home, office, or the electric recharge stations. It is always recommended to charge the battery when going to work completely; however, if the battery runs out amidst your shift, the above-stated options can be used.

You should always keep the charger with you, as other chargers might have a different voltage that can impair the battery’s performance. Furthermore, do not charge the battery immediately after turning the scooter off. It is better to allow the battery to cool down before plugging the charger into it.

Why Is An Expensive E-Scooter Better For Food Delivery?

Why would anyone purchase an expensive product? I think you already have the answer in your mind. The expensive products are high-end, so you are promised a better proportion of value. You should consider investing your savings in electric scooters like the Yume X13. It costs over 3000 dollars, but the value you get is priceless.

Dual motors having 8000 watts power, 100 km/h speed, 110 km range of distance, durable build, more than sufficient lighting, and better grip & control make it an ideal scooter for food delivery. A normal scooter has to bear you, while the food delivery scooter has to bear you and the package.

What To Look For Regarding Speed?

A delivery guy has to reach the destination on time. Cold food and late arrivals can be image-denting for the company and might cost you your job. This is why we would recommend purchasing an electric scooter with a speed limit of 50 km/h at the very least.

There are other excellent options available in the market. All three Yume models we have mentioned are well above the 50 km/h range. It indirectly depends on the power motor, so you should choose a dual-motor scooter with better wattage.

How Do Potholes Influence E-scooters?

The potholes can be damaging to the tire as well as other components installed near the base. Constant exposure to potholes can impair the frame shape or other electronic parts. The motor also experiences a shock when the scooter zooms over an irregular surface.

However, electric scooter manufacturers have integrated hydraulic or spring suspensions to absorb the shock quickly. This keeps the electric scooter stable and ensures the shock is not dissipated to fragile components. The risk of accidents also reduces due to installing effective suspension mechanisms.

How Often Do I Need To Repair It?

Any company or manufacturer defines no certain repair period. The repair frequency depends entirely on the usage pattern and model type.

Generally, an electric scooter lacking a proper suspension mechanism is prone to maintenance problems. However, we would advise slowing down the scooter when potholes arrive. As a precautionary measure, you should visit your mechanic once a week. Proper tuning and care will benefit you in the longer run.

What Charging Time Should E-scooters Have?

One of the major problems in almost all electric scooters is the charging time. A laborious and heavy battery means that the recharge would take time. However, we suggest determining the distance-to-charging time ratio and seeing which scooter has a more effective consumption rate.

Other than this, always opt for the scooters integrated with a dual charging port. We recommend going for anything near 5 hours (given the mileage is above 50 km).

What should the weight and durability of an electric food delivery scooter be?

Durability is an important feature to look for in an electric scooter. An ideal electric scooter used for food delivery will have a metallic frame. All the models we have compared in our article are aluminum, so durability is never an issue. However, you should still ensure the maximum bearable weight limit is 100 kg.

A rider of average weight must carry a bag with many orders. The weight might reach 100 kg or even more at times. A simple rule is to purchase a durable metallic frame scooter with a maximum weight limit of over 100 kg.

How can I extend the life of the battery when delivering food?

You can do nothing much about the battery life as it is not under the user’s control. However, you can adjust your usage pattern to ensure the battery does not die early. The most effective method is to turn the scooter off when not in use. You would also see people waiting till the last cell to start charging it again.

We would recommend charging your scooter when it reaches the 25% mark. Another important aspect is effective ride planning. Try and organize your trip wisely. Choose those common paths in more than one order at a time. Scooters have replaceable battery options, so you can also opt for that.

Final Words

Purchasing any mode of conveyance can be tricky if you do not know what to look for. However, our detailed review and comparison have identified all those models you would come across in the electric scooter fraternity.

The decision to buy the most suitable model for food delivery depends on you. You should always opt for a powerful electric scooter that has excellent mileage & top speed.

The charging time plays a critical role in defining the usage pattern. However, suspension and controllability add more value to the overall experience.

We advise opting for the Yume X13 Electric Scooter if the budget is not your problem. It brings an unprecedented proportion of value. The quality is not something that you would worry about.

Other Yume models on our list are more affordable, but they compromise on features. However, if your budget is highly stringent, we recommend TurboAnt or Hiboy models. We find TurboAnt X7 pro cheaper and more value-adding than other similar products. The end decision is all yours!

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