Yume Y11 vs X11: Detailed Comparison ($100 OFF)

Yume Y11 and Yume X11 have some of the best quality features. You can expect all the fancy little details from lights to good ranges. However, in this comparison and review, we will put these two head-to-head to determine which is better.

Yume Y11 vs X11: Comparison Table

SpecificationsYume Y11Yume X11
Top speed50 miles per hour60 miles per hour
Range42 to 48 miles51 to 62 miles
Weight Limit265 lbs330 lbs
BatteryPanasonic 21700 60V, 31.5Ah, lithiumPanasonic 21700 60V 35.1Ah, lithium
MotorDual 6000WDual 5600W
Weight105 lbs105 lbs
ColorsBlackBlue, red, gold, and black
Tire size11 inch tubeless, off-road11 inch pneumatic, off-road
ChargingDual chargersDual ports
LightsDual front angel and turn signal lightsLogo, front DB, turn signal, and rear tail brake
BrakesDual hydraulic brakes, front and rearHydraulic disc brakes
SuspensionRear shocks, double front springAir shock front, rear double spring suspension
Climbing Angel30 degrees30 degrees
IP RatingIP 54IP 54
KeyYes, Voltage KeyNo
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Yume Y11 vs. X11: Which one is the best and why?

Top Speed and Range

These electric scooters can go up to a top speed of 50 miles for Yume Y11 and 60 miles for Yume X11. However, the range may differ based on the speed. Such as, at a lower speed Yume Y11 was able to deliver 48 miles, while on turbo mode, it reached 42 miles per hour. Check Yume Y11 review.

Similarly, Yume X11 offers a range of 60 miles. Yet the range we found on lower speeds was 62 miles, while it can deliver 51 miles at a higher speed. The range offered by these electric scooters is subject to the weight of the rider, the terrain, and other variables.

Dual motors

Both of these Yume Electric Scooters have dual motors. The dual motors on the Yume Y11 are 60V 6000W and offer the best range and a reliable ride. The 6000 watts of dual motors – 3000 watts each can give a powerful riding experience regardless of the rider’s weight; reaching high speeds is not a problem. Check Yume X11 review.

These dual motors are DC brushless, high-speed motors; the results are excellent. The Yume X11 comes with a 5600-watt motor – each motor is 2800 watts and comes with a hall sensor. The motors in Yume X11 are brushless DC motors; hence they provide the extra torque, speed, and power you need.


The suspension on the Yume Y11 is impressive as it has a double front and rear shock-absorbing system. This allows consumers to go on long and bumpy terrains without trouble.

Furthermore, if you buy the seat for your Yume Y11, it will undoubtedly assist in making your rides more comfortable and your bum hurting less. The tires also have a shock absorption system that helps the overall experience. The Yume Y11 can handle all terrains.

The Yume X11 uplifts the game of shock absorption by using two different kinds of shock absorption technologies on the rear and front end. The front end has a C-type air shock suspension; on the other hand, the rear end carries a double spring suspension.

One thing to note about the air shock suspensions is that the manufacturer does not fill them. Upon unboxing the product, remember to unbolt the air socket and fill the air to the maximum to ensure a smooth ride. The shock absorption on the Yume X11 is good but not as good as on the Yume Y11.


The tires on the Yume Y11 are 11 inches wide and are also shock absorbent. The anti-slip treads on the tires work wonderfully on all kinds of terrains, and you can easily take them on off-road excursions.

These off-road tubeless tires absorb all sorts of bumps and do not slip on muddy slopes. You can rest assured that the treads on these wheels will ensure a steady and stable experience.

The Yume X11 comes with pneumatic 11-inch tires. These tires have the same treads as the Yume Y11. These tires offer a stable ride and ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable or unsafe while riding on new or bumpy terrain. The riding experience enhances with the 11 inches of width.


The Yume Y11 and Yume X11 have the same batteries, Panasonic 21700 cells, 31.5 Ah 60V. These electric scooters carry the same lithium batteries and can go long-range without any trouble. Furthermore, they are good to go on long excursions once fully charged.


Big batteries like Yume Y11’s Panasonic 21700 lithium 60V 31.5Ah and Yume X11’s Panasonic 21700 lithium 60V 31.5Ah need big chargers. The best thing about Yumeway is that they make sure that if their electric scooters have dual motors, they also provide dual charging ports.

The Yume Y11 and X11 come with standard 2A chargers and charging ports on the scooters. This decreases the hours the electric scooter takes to reach a full charge.


The Yume Y11 comes with hydraulic front and rear brakes. These brakes make your electric scooter come to an instant halt. Even on uneven terrain, the hydraulic brakes are your best bet for the safest and smoothest ride.

The Yume X11 comes with two hydraulic disc pads. These hydraulic brakes are easy to maintain since they are oil lever brakes. However, disc brakes have the downside of being a bit slippery. If the terrain is muddy, you are bound to get mud splattered on you and your electric scooter’s deck. This can be risky and might cause an accident.

Hence, taking safety precautions when riding your electric scooter is always mandatory. No matter how sturdy the brakes are, it is best to be prepared. Wear your helmet, knee pads, and other essentials like riding gloves that give you a good grip on the handles.


Not only does the Yume Y11 come with an LED strip underneath the deck, but it also comes with additional lights to keep you safe. It comes with two front 2 pieces of angel lights illuminating the terrain in front of you. It also keeps the other people on the road aware of your presence.

Besides that, it also has a turn signal light that allows you to indicate when you may be making a turn. This way, you can protect the people on the ground when riding through a crowded area. Adding a horn and a brake light may make this electric scooter safer in high-traffic areas.

The Yume X11 comes with two additional safety features than the Yume Y11. It also features front lights that will illuminate the terrain. The signal lights to lights to let everyone know when you may be turning. The two additional features in Yume X11 are the brake light and the horn.

The horn is very helpful in a pedestrian area where there may be many people, and you may want to be safe and keep others safe. The other one is the brake light, essential if riding on the road. With this feature, the other vehicle drivers can see you and help you have a safe journey.


The Yume Y11 weighs 105 lbs, while the Yume X11 weighs 110 lbs. only five more than the Yume Y11. However, if you add the seat on the X11, the weight can go up. Both are pretty heavy and not as portable as you think.

One person cannot carry it around while riding a bus or other public transport. The load capacity of the Yume Y11 is 265 lbs, and for Yume X11, it is 330 lbs.


The Foldability in both electric scooters is an exceptional feature that makes the electric scooter easy to carry around in a car and take on long drives. The electric scooters fold into a compact size, can be easily stored in a small space at home, and will not take up too much of your garage space.

The folding dimensions of both electric scooters are mentioned below:

  • Yume Y11 folded: 127x28x51cm
  • Yume Y11 unfolded: 122x22x138cm
  • Yume X11 folded: 130x33x59cm
  • Yume X11 unfolded: 127x65x135cm

With these dimensions, both units can be placed in your car while traveling and in any good corner cabinet of your house. Furthermore, these devices have a folding time of a minimum of 5 seconds. That’s how simple it is.


The Yume Y11 is made with ferroalloy or aluminum frame material, making the handlebars sturdy and wobble-free. The handlebars are also perfect and have everything you need, from a LED screen for all your information to the grip on the handle.

The LED display provides information like gears engaged, speed, mode, battery, and other information you may need. The buttons are also placed close to the grip so the rider can access them easily.

The Yume X11 is made with iron alloy and aluminum. The handlebars stem and the deck is also made with sturdy aluminum and iron alloy materials, making them super sturdy.

Both electric scooters have an anti-slip logo for the deck. Both scooters have an expansive deck to accommodate your feet comfortably.

Yume Y11 vs. X11: Which one is better?

When buying an electric scooter, the few things that matter are speed, safety/brakes, battery, and terrain compatibility, meaning tires. Looking at all these aspects, the Yume Y11 is the clear winner.

Even if the speed is 10 miles less than the X11, the motor on the Yume Y11 covers up for that. Similarly, many other features stand out, making it one of the best. The price tags are, in the end, what determine the winners.

The most we can say is that the Yume Y11 has exciting features for off-road excursions and staying safe. So choose your electric scooter wisely.

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