YUME D5 vs Y10: Is Y10 better than D5? Let’s Find out

There are various electric scooters developed by the YUMEway corporation. Each model produced is targeted to serve a certain class of users.

However, at times you would experience that models overlap in usage and utility. One such example exists when we compare YUME D5 with Yum Y10 Electric Scooter.

Both these electric scooters are designed to serve people who have a limited budget. The feature proportion is very solid since you expect manufacturers to drop the value as they reduce the price.

However, the YUMEway corporation has tweaked features intelligently. You can purchase any of the two models below 1500 dollars from the market.

Buyers tend to get confused more often between the YUME D5 and YUME Y10 because both the models have the same performance and power features.

Notwithstanding any similar features, the company has maintained a clear difference in the features that only a regular electric scooter user or a tech geek might know.

Since we know what both the models bring, our comparison is relevant for you. In the comparative article written below, we have mentioned all the differences. These dissimilarities will help you in making the best decision.

YUME D5 vs Y10 Comparison Table

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YUME D5 vs Y10 Differences


The first and foremost factor that you need to consider is the price. There is a difference of almost 150 dollars between both the models. The YUME D5 Electric Scooter costs 1369 while the YUME Y10 Electric Scooter can be bought for 1499 dollars on the official website.

If budget restraint is a severe issue for you then you should opt for the YUME D5. However, spending an additional sum of 150 dollars would open up some improved features.

Load bearing capacity

Loading capacity is a crucial factor especially when you are overweight. Both YUME D5 and YUME Y10 Electric Scooters are impressive in carrying bulky weights.

However, the YUME Y10 Electric Scooter has a maximum capacity of 150 kilograms as compared to the 120 kilograms limit of the YUME D5 Electric Scooter. This factor is also important if your usage pattern consists of carrying groceries, backpacks, or courier packages.

Suspension system

The suspension system installed inside the YUME D5 Electric Scooter is simple. It has a set of four springs integrated at the front while a king-sized spring is present at the rear end to mitigate all the shocks absorbed while landing.

On the other hand, the YUME Y10 Electric Scooter boasts a dual hydraulic long suspension system that is superior at absorbing all sorts of impacts. The rear end has the same king-sized spring suspension that works passively to dissipate shocks.

The hydraulic suspensions are able to mitigate the impact experienced when the scooter is uplifting and landing on the ground. When compared to the spring suspensions, the hydraulic shock absorbers are more proactive and effective.

Lighting system

The YUME D5 Electric Scooter has an LED headlight that is brighter than ordinary filament bulbs. However, this model lacks other safety lights so you might not like using it at night. On the contrary, the YUME Y10 Electric Scooter has an adequate lighting system.

It has a couple of angel lights that work fine when it comes to driving in the dark. However, there is a brake light installed at the rear end with a couple of turn signals integrated to keep you safe when you are turning or applying brakes. Lighting systems cannot be ignored since they play a crucial role in keeping you safe.

Vehicle weight

Both the YUME D5 and the YUME Y10 Electric Scooters are portable since the company has designed them to enable folding and unfolding. However, weight is something that you would find contrasting in both models.

The YUME D5 Electric Scooter is highly portable with just 34 kilograms of weight. However, the YUME Y10 Electric Scooter is a bit bulkier than its contemporary. It weighs 50 kilograms so you might find it harder to carry upstairs or any other place.

YUME D5 vs Y10 Similarities

Performance stats

The performance stats of both the models under comparison are identical. The mileage provided and the top speed is surely not the best that you can get on the market. However, this proportion is definitely the best option available at this price range.

The motor allows you to go at 40 miles per hour (65 kilometers per hour) which is a moderate speed to travel at. You can easily zip through the traffic at this speed. However, it is not compatible with trips on a highway.

The mileage does not allow you to visit other cities. Covering a maximum distance of 40 miles (60 kilometers) is suitable for nearby trips only. These performance stats are impressive and rare at the price at which the YUME D5 and Y10 Electric Scooters are sold.

Power features

You will get a dual motor with an aggregate strength of 2400 watts. This allows both models to manage load more efficiently. The battery capacity is also similar since they are boasted with lithium-ion batteries of 52 volts and 23.4 ampere-hours of current flow.

The same motor strength and battery capacity are the reason why the performance stats are identical. The charging time is also the same. You can fill the battery up in just four to five hours.

Hydraulic brakes

The YUMEway corporation has installed a couple of hydraulic disc brakes on either of the two tires. The braking system is better than the other cheaper models that boast a set of mechanical brakes.

The hydraulic brake system is effective enough to halt the scooter immediately at the highest of speeds. The YUME D5 and the YUME Y10 Electric Scooters are the safest options when it comes to stopping on time.


The tires of both the YUME D5 and the YUME Y10 Electric Scooters are 10 inches wide. These tires are pneumatic and off-road to ensure that they do not split. Both the models under consideration are compatible with muddy or country roads so you can use them wherever you want.

YUME D5 vs Y10: Final Words

As we have mentioned at the start of the article, YUMEway has produced some budget-friendly electric scooters that seem identical. The features are explicitly the same but there are some detailed differences that you should keep an eye on.

The YUME D5 and YUME Y10 Electric Scooters target the middle-class or youngsters who have limited budgets. However, the feature proportions are different. We can argue that the approach to satisfying the needs of the users is different in both models.

The YUME D5 Electric Scooter, being at the lower side of the price, is developed to compromise a bit more on the features. The suspension system and lighting are inadequate so that might prove to be problematic at times. However, the design and weight are something that makes it popular amongst the youngsters.

The YUME Y10 Electric Scooter is more focused on maintaining the value along with the price reduction. It has better suspension and sufficient lighting to make sure that the rider is safe. It is bulkier and awkward-looking but the benefits overweigh the deficiencies.

We would suggest going for the YUME Y10 Electric Scooter if your budget is not very stringent. It provides better value and safety. However, if you cannot afford the additional 150 dollars then you should consider buying the YUME D5 Electric Scooter. It brings a better look and lighter weight as a bonus.

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