YUME D4+ vs D5: Is D5 better than D4+?

Yumeway is best known for producing heavy-duty scooters that are convenient to use and safer than other substitutes in the market. Yume D4+ is a standard electric scooter made available on Amazon at the start of 2020.

Although it was good, people criticized the product for not meeting expectations in some aspects. Yumeway realized the need of the hour and introduced Yume D5. Yume D5 was first made available on Amazon in the first half of 2021.

What did the company change to overcome the shortcomings in Yume D4+? This article is all about those changes.

Yume d4+ vs D5 – Comparison Table

Speed64 kmph64 kmph
Range64 km64 km
Battery23.4 Ah, 52 volts23.4 Ah, 52 volts
Charging time4-5 hours3-4 hours
Weight27 kg30 kg
Weight bearable120 kg120 kg
Tires10 inches (street tires)10 inches (off-street tires)
Manual keysNoYes
Motor power2000 watts2400 watts
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YUME D4+ vs D5: Detailed Comparison

Design and build

Yume D4+ and D5 are almost identical in design and build. A novice buyer would get confused initially, but we would tell you everything you need to know.

Both YUME D4+ and D5 contain a frame made of aluminum alloy. There is a mudguard attached to the back to keep you clean. Both models have ten inches-wide tires that ensure better grip and stability.

You would find a kickstand to make parking less irritative. Apart from this, the stem height can be adjusted to make it more comfortable and suitable.

However, there are certain features that the manufacturer has tweaked. The kickstand of Yume D5 is located in the middle of the base. Near the rear wheel, this location is much more stable than YUME D4+.

Surprisingly, Yumeway removed the acrylic sheet, a critical gripping feature. Yume D5 has a removable seat to enable older users to sit down and ride. There are some other changes in physical features, but those are discussed later.


The performance stats are identical too. The Yume D4+ had no efficiency issue, so the company has brought forward the same features. The speed is 64 km/h (40 mph), while the range is 64 km (40 miles). Both the models have the same weight-bearing strength where a rider weighing 120 kg can travel.

Looking at these numbers, one would think they need improvement, but the main reason behind such a light performance is the budget. It is cheaper than other high-end models, so you cannot carry heavy bags or pieces of luggage while standing on it.


Okay, here comes the first major difference. Both the models under comparison contain dual motors. The dual-motor is compulsory to up the ante. However, the motors of D4+ are 1000 watts each (2000 watts in total), while the motors of D5 are 1200 watts each (2400 watts total). This increase in power allows you to maintain speed at a heavier weight than normal.

Battery and charging

The battery is the same; both devices have a 23.4 Ah battery with a potential difference of 52 volts. This battery life allows you to go as far as 64 km (40 miles). Frequent travelers generally criticize the battery life, but these models are designed to serve intracity traveling and day-to-day conveyance only.

The charging time is lower than other models in the market because the battery is charged completely in 4-5 hours. The charging time is 3-4 hours in the Yume D5. Dual charging ports are incorporated in both D4+ and D5.


One of the major issues that Yume D4+ had was insufficient lighting. The model was prone to accidents because it had a single headlight in front. No indicators were integrated while a sole rear light was installed to let people know the rider was braking.

The company has improved the front headlight performance by replacing normal light with LED light (which is brighter). However, the indicator problem went unaddressed. The rear light is removed in D5 to make the issue even worse. The Yume D5 has no acrylic sheet on the base, so the grip is insufficient.

The brakes are hydraulic in both models, so the wheels lock the moment brakes are applied. Besides, the shock-absorbing mechanism is almost the same, with a few changes.

Both models have quad front suspension. The Yume D4+ has dual spring suspension at the rear, while the Yume D5 has a single spring that serves almost the same absorption.


Both Yume D4+ and D5 are simple to operate. You will find an LCD attached to the right side of the handlebar. This display shows the speed, remaining battery, and time. The throttle and brake lever combination is as simple as a classic motorbike.

You will find a horn and light button on the handlebar. Whereas a switch button ignites the scooter. Depending on the requirements, single and dual motor modes can adjust your power consumption. However, the Yume D5 has a manual turn-off key to make operations more orthodox.

YUME D4+ vs D5: Final Words

We already know that Yumeway has invested in making D5 a better substitute for D4+. The company has improved the overall headlight illumination. The power is also increased to make it more heavy-duty than the previous model. However, the loss of grip and absence of rear and indicator lights is one of the major disappointments.

We recommend purchasing the Yume D5 since it has better power components and a brighter headlight. On the other hand, we would suggest taking turns and applying brakes with diligence because the proceeding driver would have no idea.

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