How to make electric scooter faster

How to make electric scooter faster? Electric scooters have become an easy mode of riding around town without the hassle of getting in your car or on your bike. Along with being super fun and snazzy the best part of having this ride is that you do not even require a license to ride it.

Although you must wear all the precautionary protective gear to ensure that you do not get injured while riding the electric scooter. Electric scooters have become so easy to use and with the advancement of technology better and improved versions of them are being launched every other day.

So to begin with, you can start your electric scooter journey on a cheaper, lower-speed model and once you think you can handle the big boys then you can make the leap to the expensive ones that offer better speed and improved mileage.

Everyone who intends to buy an electric scooter has wondered how fast can the electric scooter go? And what can you do that will escalate the speed of the electric scooter?

Before we answer any of these questions, a word of caution needs to be addressed. The speed limit determined by the company is to ensure that you have a safe ride.

There are tools and engineered parts placed in the electric scooter to ensure that you do not go higher than a particular speed. Hence when playing around with any of these things, please be aware that increasing the speed of the electric scooter can become dangerous.

Increasing the speed may even diminish the level of control you have over the handle. So beware of making these changes and please remember to wear your safety kits and gears before taking your electric scooter for a ride.

how to make electric scooter faster?

how to make your electric scooter faster

Upgrade the firmware:

To get the maximum speed out of an electric scooter you can simply upgrade the firmware that the scooter came with. Some people have modified the firmware used in electric scooters.

All you need to do is download it to your electric scooter and the speed will enhance. The upgraded firmware allows the performance of the motor to reach a maximum and the motor starts to run constantly, which has a significant impact on the speed.

It also improves the torque and offers a higher speed. A word of caution is that you must keep an eye on the motor and the battery temperature.

If the scooter is running at maximum capacity, the temperature of the electric scooter can rise and that is dangerous for the rider. So when making such adjustments you may want to be careful and install a temperature gauge to ensure you are aware of the temperature of the electric scooter.

Removal of speed limiter:

Did you know that every electric scooter comes with a speed limiter to ensure that the scooter doesn’t go above the designated speed? And once the highest speed of the electric scooter is reached the motor begins to slow down and optimize the speed.

In order to prevent the machine from reaching a high speed, the manufacturers have installed tiny speed limiters in the electric scooter. While all this effort is put in to prevent higher speed riding. The simple step of removing this speed limiter will help you achieve higher speeds without any problem.

The companies also have to abide by the laws of different countries and states, that have started to state the maximum speed each electric scooter can each. Because of these restrictions laid by various countries companies are bound to place a speed limiter in their electric scooters to make them suitable and useable in any and every country.

Each electric scooter is built in a different way and it’s hard to state where the speed limiter sensor can be found. But to make it easier to understand, allow us to lay down the function of the speed limiter.

The speed limiter is a sensor located near the driving wheel’s transmission system that sends signals to the in-built motor computer.

The device notes the number of times the driving wheel turns and sends those signals to the computer. The computer then limits the speed of the motor to make sure a steady top speed is maintained over a specific period of time.

In order to accomplish this, you can simply add an electronic device between the computer and the sensor that will pass on an inaccurate reading of the turn wheels and allow you to reach max speed.

Another method of doing this is by altering the magnet in the scooter. This means that your speed will not be detected by the scooter and you can easily reach top speed.

Caution: when applying these changes you need to be fully aware of the fact that you are endangering your future rides.

The scooter can reach a top speed, yes, but the control will become more difficult and there is a chance of you getting injured in case of an electric scooter accident. Furthermore, the battery will drain faster and the scooter can also overheat.

Upgrade the batteries:

Most electric scooters come with a 24-volt battery. There are 24 to 48 voltage batteries available in the market. And to increase the speed of your electric scooter all you need to do is replace the battery with a higher voltage one. Like if your electric scooter came with a 24-volt battery you can find a 48-volt replacement and plug it in the scooter to make it run faster.

This is a powerful and dangerous hack to improve the speed of your electric scooter. It can make the scooter run faster, yes. But it can also fry your scooter as it may not be compatible with the battery you have inserted in the scooter.

The controller on the electric scooter is at risk of becoming overpowered and hence getting burnt. Hence to prevent any of these accidents from happening it is best to remove the controller.

Another method of getting around the controller removal is to reprogram your electric scooter’s computer to receive higher voltage. Again these are very technical issues and employing such tactics can be a make or break as you can end up burning your electric scooter.

Add new batteries:

Adding new batteries to your electric scooter is a safer and easier way to improve the top speed of your electric scooter.

Instead of implementing dangerous tactics to increase the speed, this option is even provided by the manufacturers as most of the electric scooters are now coming with an additional slot for an additional battery placement.

From a technical standpoint, all that needs to be done in this case is to simply add the new battery in and connect the old and new batteries to make your electric scooter run faster.

The only disadvantage of having additional batteries powering your electric scooter is that it can become a little heavy and will require more time to charge completely.

Change sprockets:

Changing the sprockets is a technical task and will require some technical knowledge of such a device on your end. The trick is to replace the front sprockets with longer versions while keeping the rear sprockets short.

This will increase the speed of the electric scooter immensely. The best part about this trick is that there are cheap versions of sprockets available in the market so it will not be very expensive to make this change. And the speed of the electric scooter will be enhanced by a lot.

Motor Rewinding:

Rewinding the electric scooter’s motor is one of the tactics most electric scooter owners deploy. The only problem with this tactic is that it is a very technical job and has to be done by a technician.

In order to save yourself the cost of buying a new electric scooter, it is best to consult a technician to rewind your electric scooter’s motor for you. The technical aspect of the rewinding is that the motor overheats which makes the coils shorter.

The process of unwinding will help improve the RPM and the torque. These are both beneficial in making your scooter speed good and the control better.

how to make your electric scooter faster: Final Words

These tactics deployed with or without the help of a technician will help increase the speed of your electric scooter. One or two things that need to be kept in mind are that a higher speed can be hard to handle and the risk of an accident becomes more prevalent.

To ensure you do not risk getting into an accident you must wear all the necessary protective gear and choose your riding path wisely when trying to reach maximum speed.

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