Pedego Electric Bike

Get your heair blown back on a electric powered Pedego Classic Cruiser! Great for long rides, especially if you want to go wine touring without showing up out of breath, sweaty and dying for a drink of water instead of enjoying the great South Okanagan varieties. Rental cost is $25 an hr or $75 for a half day (up to 5 hours) or $99 for the day.

All Pedego Comfort Cruisers come with a throttle-activated motor, putting the rider in complete command. That rider can pedal 100% or twist the throttle to use the motor and not pedal at all (or any combination of throttle and pedaling). It’s the rider’s choice how hard to work on any ride.

Pedego’s 500-watt silent hub motor provides the power to ride comfortably up hills and through heavy headwinds. The specially designed motor has no internal gears, instead relying on direct drive technology that employs magnets. With direct drive, there is nothing to wear out. Plus, Pedego electric bikes are completely freewheeling when powered off — there’s no additional resistance from the motor if a rider chooses to pedal. An additional benefit is the quiet ride. even the motor’s location is purposeful. With safety a top priority, Pedego’s rear hub motor is an improvement from front-hub designs. Placing the motor beneath the rider’s weight helps to keep the bike moving smoothly — with good traction.

Comfort & Ease

Pedego bikes are designed with comfort in mind. It starts with the bike’s forward front crank that allows the rider to sit more upright while pedaling. Additionally, the Step-thru comfort cruiser offers a sloping frame that makes this electric bicycle especially convenient for adults and seniors. even the most apprehensive biker can jump on and sail down the street on this bike.

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